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All the collections that comprise the Socialist Collections in the Tamiment Library 1872-1956 have online finding aids to which there are links below. These collections include 13 organizational archives and 6 personal papers collections viewable on microfilm.


*American Labor Conference on International Affairs (TAM 038)

Democratic Socialists of America (TAM 105)

*Intercollegiate Socialist Society (TAM 048)

League for Industrial Democracy (TAM 049)

*New York Bureau of Legal Advice (TAM 044)

*New York (State) Legislature. Joint Legislative Committee to Investigate Seditious Activities (Lusk Committee) (Film R-7120)

Peoples Educational Camp Society (TAM 007.3)

*Rand School of Social Science (TAM 007)

*Social Democratic Federation of America (TAM 011)

*Social-Democratic Party of America (TAM 056.2)

*Socialist Alderman (TAM 056.7)

*Socialist Assemblymen (TAM 056.8)

*Socialist Labor Party (TAM 056.3)

*Socialist Party (U.S.), 1897-1963 (Film R-7117) records on microfilm

*Socialist Party of New York (Minute Books) (TAM 056.1)

*Socialist Party of New York (Records) (TAM 056.4)

*Socialist Party (U.S.) Correspondence

*Socialist Party (U.S.) Minutes (TAM 056.6)

*Socialist Party (U.S.) Local New York (TAM 056.5)

*Students for a Democratic Society Records (Film R-7095) on microfilm from the Wisconsin Historical Society

Student League for Industrial Democracy (U.S.) (TAM 024)

Tamiment Institute (TAM 007.4)

Tamiment Playhouse (TAM 107)

Three Arrows Cooperative Society (TAM 250)

Workingmen's Co-operative Publishing Association (TAM 035)


Edward Carpenter (TAM 421)

George Caylor (TAM 030)

*August Claessens (TAM 021)

*Eugene Debs (TAM 020)

Solon De Leon (TAM 092)

William Fielding (TAM 069)

Harry Fleischman (TAM 115)

Mendel Halushka (TAM 022)

Michael Harrington (TAM 209)

George D. Herron (TAM 008)

*Morris Hillquit (TAM 027)

Sergius Ingerman TAM 004)

Maurice Isserman Research Files for The Other American: The Life of Michael Harrington (TAM 239)

Ben Josephson (TAM 084)

Harry Laidler (TAM 047)

*Algernon Lee (TAM 014)

*Lena Morrow Lewis (TAM 015)

*Henry Demarest Lloyd (Film R-7104) papers on microfilm from the Wisconsin Historical Society

Meyer London (TAM 028)

John Lyons (TAM 025)

William Mailly (TAM 010)

William Morris (TAM 420)

James Oneal (TAM 034)

Pierson and Alice Ostrow (TAM 288)

Jacob Panken (TAM 042)

Morris Paris (TAM 003)

Abraham Shiplacoff (TAM 102)

*Rose Pastor Stokes (TAM 053)

Theresa Branstetter Taft (TAM 031)

Girolamo Valenti Papers (TAM 040)

Baruch Charney Vladeck (TAM 037)

*Anna Strunsky Walling (Film R-7108) papers on microfilm from the collection at Yale University

Art Young (TAM 046)

*Available on microfilm

Updated 05/23/2012

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