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The Radical Press in New York City, 1880-1960

The following list of radical serials published in New York City was adapted from The American Radical Press, 1880-1960 ("ARP"), edited with an introduction by Joseph R. Conlin (Westport: Greenwood Press, 1974).

The two volume ARP includes the scholarly essays that introduce the 108 socialist, anarchist and communist publications reprinted by the Greenwood in the 1960s and 1970s.

Follow links in the list below to see records for the serials in BobCat, NYU's library catalog. Most, but not all, of the titles listed were reprinted by Greenwood. Click on "More bibliographical information" to see full details on the publication and Tamiment's holdings.

A number of serials in the Greenwood reprint editions have been digitized and are available via the HathiTrust. The contents of some of them may be searched online, but not viewed, and other issues are fully viewable. The scholarly introductions to the reprint volumes are included in the digital editions.

Fully viewable issues of the following titles are currently available via the HathiTrust: Liberty, The New Nation, American Fabian, Mother Earth, Forerunner, A Voice in the Wilderness, Upton Sinclair's, the IWW's One Big Union Monthly, and The Socialist World,

To learn more about Tamiment's serials collections, consult our Serials Research Guide.

Socialist Party Press, 1900-1919

The Challenge, 1900-1901 (Los Angeles and New York)
Wilshire's Magazine, 1900-1915 (Toronto, New York, and Bishop, CA)

Journals of the Bolshevik Crisis

Class Struggle, 1917-1919
New York Communist, 1919
The Revolutionary Age, 1918-1919 (Boston and New York)
The Socialist, 1919
The Workers' Council, 1921

Publications of the Socialists

American Socialist Monthly, 1935-1937
American Socialist Quarterly, 1932-1935
Challenge!, 1943-1946
The Intercollegiate Socialist, 1913-1919
Labor Age, 1921-1933
Masses, 1911-1917
New York Call, 1909-1923
The Socialist Review, 1919-1921
Socialist Review, 1937-1940

The Communist Press

Champion Labor Monthly, 1937-1938
Champion of Youth, 1936-1937
Clarity, 1940-1943
Communist International, 1919-1940
Daily Worker, 1924-1958 (Chicago and New York)
Equal Justice, 1937-1942
Labor Defender, 1926-1937 (Chicago and New York)
New Masses, 1926-1948
National Issues, 1939
Party Organizer, 1927-1938
The Review, 1940-1941
Student Advocate, 1936-1938
Student Review, 1931-1935
Weekly Review, 1941-1943
The Worker, 1922-1924 (Cleveland, Chicago, and New York)
World Survey, 1941-1942
Young Communist Review, 1936-1940
Young Worker, 1922-1936 (Chicago and New York)

Periodicals of the Sects and Splinter Groups

Class Struggle, 1931-1937
Industrial Unionist, 1932-1950
Labor Power, 1939-1941
Living Marxism, 1938-1943
The Militant, 1928-1934
-----New Militant, 1934-1936
-----The Militant, 1941-
Modern Socialism, 1941-1942
New Essays, 1943
The People, 1891-1899
-----The Weekly People, 1899-1900
-----Daily People, 1900-1914
-----Weekly People, 1914-1979
Radical Review, 1917-1919
Revolutionary Age, 1929-1932
Socialist Appeal, 1937-1941
Workers Age, 1932-1940
Young Spartacus, 1931-1935

Anarchist Publications

Alarm, 1884-1889 (Chicago and New York)
Challenge, 1938-1939
Liberty, 1881-1908 (Boston and New York)
Mother Earth Bulletin, 1906-1918
Vanguard, 1932-1939

Independent and Ad Hoc Journals

Amerasia, 1937-1947
Catholic Worker, 1933-
China Today, 1934-1942
Common Sense, 1932-1946
The Conscientious Objector, 1939-1946
The Forerunner, 1909-1916
PM, 1940-1948
Spanish Revolution, 1936-1938

Theoretical Journals, Little Magazines, and the Arts

The Comrade, 1901-1905
Fourth International, 1940-1956
International Review, 1936-1939
International Socialist Review, 1956-
Liberator, 1918-1924
The Marxian, 1921
The Marxist, 1925-1927
Marxist Quarterly, 1937
Masses, 1911-1917
New International, 1934-1936, 1938-1940
New Masses, 1926-1948
Partisan Review, 1934-
Road to Communism, 1934-1935

Personal Journalism

Debs Magazine, 1921-1923
Dr. Robinson's Voice in the Wilderness, 1917-1920
Good Morning, 1919-1921
I.F. Stone's Weekly, 1953-1971
In Fact, 1940-1950
The Modern Monthly, 1933-1938
The Modern Quarterly, 1923-1932, 1938-1940 (Baltimore and New York)
Politics, 1944-1949

Postwar Periodicals

Alternative, 1948-1951
Liberation, 1956-
Modern Review, 1947-1950
Monthly Review, 1949-
National Guardian, 1948-
New Foundations, 1947-1954
New Trends, 1945-1946
PM, 1940-1948

Updated 04/29/2011

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