New York University Frederic Ewen Center is named for Frederic Ewen (1899-1988), an internationally-known Brooklyn College professor of literature whose literary criticism focused on the political, social, and artistic aspects of European Romanticism in ways that anticipated current scholarship relating Marxism to romanticism. A member of the New York City Teachers Union and political activist, Ewen was a victim of the McCarthy era purge of the New City College faculties.

Based at New York University's Tamiment Library, the mission of the Frederic Ewen Center is to organize programs and build research collections that speak to the legacy of Frederic Ewen, author, teacher, progressive activist, performing artist, outspoken advocate for academic freedom, civil liberties, civil rights, and progressive social policies. With an emphasis on advanced study and public history, the Ewen seeks to build a community of students, scholars, and activities who remember the past and work for the future as Ewen did in his teaching and writing.

The Frederic Ewen Center's Programs include:

1. Public conferences, seminars, and lecturers for scholars, students, and the general public.

2. Collecting, preserving, and making accessible archival, print, and media materials with the Center's subject interests. The Center has a dedicated archivist and acquisition fund.

3. Promoting advanced study by offering competitive fellowships to support post-doctoral scholars and Ph.D. candidates.

4. Supporting documentary filmmakers working on projects relating to the history of progressive politics, labor, civil rights, women's rights, academic freedom, human rights, and civil liberties.

5. Providing information resources that supports the cause of academic freedom. The Center's newsletter and website highlight the ongoing struggle for academic freedom and the role of the university in American life.

6. Dissemination of information and conference proceedings to an international community of scholars and the public through the internet and - when feasible - other publications and media.

Frederic Ewen Center Programmatic Structure

The Frederic Ewen Center structures its activities around annual or bi-annual themes relating to its mission. Sponsored research, fellowships, conferences, seminars, and other possible related activities (such as film production, film screenings, and special publications) are proposed by the co-directors to a board of directors consisting of NYU faculty and representatives of the independent Frederic Ewen Academic Freedom Foundation. Annually, the Center will announce its themes, seek support from foundations and other potential donors, and send out invitations for competitive proposals for fellowships, projects. Donors who might like to support the Center but who are not can do so by making a contribution to NYU dedicated to that purpose or if they prefer to the independent Frederic Ewen Academic Freedom Foundation.