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Communism Archival Collections at Tamiment
(non-2006 accessions)

Personal Papers

James Allen
Israel and Sadie Van Veen Amter: Autobiographical Typescript
Israel Amter: Winona (Opera: Piano Score)
Mordecai Bauman
Max Bedacht Autobiographical Typescript: On the Path of Life: Memoirs of Your Father
Daniel Bell Research Files on U.S. Communism, Socialism, and the Labor Movement
Alexander Bittelman (includes autobiographical typescript "Things I Have Learned")
*Earl Browder
*Peter Cacchione
Kenneth Neill Cameron
Harold Cruse (includes lightly fictionalized autobiographical account of his years in the Harlem Section of the CPUSA)
*William Dunne
Erwin Edelman Typescript: The Suppressed Facts of the Rosenberg Case
Gerhart Eisler FBI files
Edward Falkowski
*Elizabeth Gurley Flynn
Philip Foner
Henry Foner
James Ford
Philip and Regina Frankfeld
Francis Franklin: Marxist Historical-Philosophical Manuscripts
Harold Fruchtbaum: Rosenberg Case Collection
Virginia Gardner
Harry Gannes: From the Cradle to the Factory (typescript)
*Betty Gannett
Hugo Gellert
Si Gerson
Ira Gollobin
David Gordon
Max Gordon: Communist Party, USA Crisis of 1956-1958: Internal Documents Collection
Gil Green
James and Esther Cooper Jackson
Arnold Johnson
Charles Keller: Workshop of Graphic Arts Files
Al Lannon: FBI Files
Herb Lerner: World War II Letters to Ruth Lerner
David Lesser: The Extenders (autobiographical typescript)
Noah London
Walter Lowenfels
Walter Lowenfels' A Poet's Petition: Letter to the President in the Form of a Cantata for a Narrator and Two Voices with Film Strip or Slides [typescript]
Marvin Markman
Carl Marzani
Mildred McAdory: FBI Files
Clarina Michelson
George Morris
Vicki Morris: Newspaper Clippings and Photographs
Miriam Moskowitz Autobiographical Typescript: "Phantoms of Spies Run Amok and an Odyssey of Surviving McCarthyism."
Walter Scott Neff: FOIA Files
Andrew Overgaard: Autobiographical Typescript
Sandra Gordon Patrinos
John Pittman
Earl and Sylvia Price
Charles Recht
Carl Reeve
Riva Rosenfield
Annette Rubenstein
Jay Schaffner
Helen Sobell Autobiographical Typescript: "Double Exposure"
Solomon/Kaufman files on African Americans and communism
Bernhard J. Stern: Samuel Bloom Files (on Stern)
Charlotte Todes Stern
Faygle Stern
Robert Thompson (Arlington Cemetery Case)
Arthur Vogel: Plays
Sam Wallach
Richard Winger: Communist Party Candidates for Public Office 1921 to 1986 (typescript)
Alfred Young

Organizational Archives

American Business Consultants: Counterattack research files
American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born
American Veterans Committee: FOIA Files
American Veterans for Peace
Camp Wo-Chi-Ca
Committees of Correspondence
*Fund for the Republic Record of Communist Trials
Higley Hill Camp Records
International Workers Order
Jefferson School of Social Science: Records and Indexes
Labor Research Association
National Committee to Reopen the Rosenberg Case
National Council of American-Soviet Friendship
Progressive Librarians Council
Southern Negro Youth Congress: FBI Files
Tamiment Library Web Archive (Labor and the Left): Communism, Socialism, Trotksyism
United for Peace and Justice

*Available on microfilm.

Updated 05/02/2012

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