Julia Rose Kraut

Julia Rose Kraut is a dissertation fellow at the Center for the United States and the Cold War.  She received her undergraduate degree in history from Columbia University, her law degree from American University Washington College of Law, and she is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in the History Department at New York University specializing in U.S. legal history, American radicalism, and immigration and free expression law.  Julia's dissertation, "Fearing Foreigners and Freedom: Ideological Exclusion and Deportation in America," is a legal and social history of the restriction of foreign visitors and immigrants based on their ideological beliefs, associations, and expressions; she begins her examination with the Alien Act of 1798 and ends with the War on Terror.  Julia has presented her work at the Center for the United States and the Cold War Seminar and the Organization of American Historians annual conference, and she has received support for her research from New York University and the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations.  Her article "Global Anti-Anarchism: The Origins of Ideological Deportation and the Suppression of Expression" appeared in the Winter 2012 issue of the Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies.