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Guide to the Records of the International Brigades (Comintern Archives, Fond 545) at the Russian Center for the Preservation and Study of Recent History (RGASPI), Moscow

This document is a translation of the original Russian-language guide to the International Brigades Records comprising Fond 545 of the Comintern Archives in Moscow. The translation was commissioned by the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives (ALBA) at the time when the microfilming of selected files for ALBA was arranged.

The main group of files filmed for ALBA, and held at the Tamiment Library, New York University, is indicated by the annotation "NYU" in the left-hand column. The files are on 192 reels of microfilm shelved at Film R-7722.

Another, smaller, group of selected files relating to Italian and Italian-American volunteers was acquired later. These files are also available on microfilm at Tamiment, and are marked "NYU Ital. mf only" in the left-hand column. These reels are shelved at Film R-7723. Please consult with archives staff for directions on locating and using ALBA microfilm.

All files not available on microfilm at NYU can be consulted in Moscow.

The International Brigade Records are arranged into 6 series (Russian: opisi):

Opis 1: Documents and materials of the International Brigades Military Commission and General Commissar-Inspector L. Gallo (L. Longo) 1936-1939

Opis 2: International Brigades Base documents and the Central Administration of the National Defense Ministry of the Spanish Republic
Subseries I. Base documents
Subseries II. International Brigades Military Administration
Subseries III. International Brigades Documents
Subseries IV. International Brigades Base Press
Subseries V. Leaflets, Posters, Announcements
Subseries VI. Extracts from newspapers, magazines, etc.

Opis 3: 35 and 45 divisions, mixed brigades of the Spanish Republican Army

Opis 4: Documents of the former volunteers of the international brigades of the Republican Army Interned in the Concentration Camps of France and North Africa

Opis 5: Documentary photo materials of the Interbrigades of the Spanish Republican Army (1936-1943)
Subseries I. Photos of the government leaders and army leaders of the Spanish Republic
Subseries II. Photos of the leaders of the Communist Party of Spain and Interbrigades
Subseries III. Photographs of soldiers and commanders of the Republican Army and Interbrigades

Opis 6: Documents about the volunteers of the Republican Army
Subseries I. The international personnel commission of the Spanish Communist party Central Committee
Subseries II. Volunteers registers
Subseries III. Personal records

The full text of the Guide to the Records of the International Brigades (Comintern Archives, Fond 545) at the Russian Center for the Preservation and Study of Recent History (RGASPI), Moscow is available as a PDF file (110 pages) International Brigades Microfilm Guide.

Updated 07/26/2010

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