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Fales Services

The Fales Library/Special Collections offers services to scholars and others who need reproductions of Fales materials for research and publication purposes. All photocopying and scanning is performed by Fales Library staff at the discretion of the curator.

Patrons who wish to quote from unpublished materials, or reproduce an item from the collection in print or online must request permission from the Fales Library, as well as the appropriate copyright holders. Information about copyright holders and how to locate them can be found in The WATCH File, a joint project of the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center at UT, Austin and the University of Reading in the UK.

Further information about copyright is available in the NYU Handbook for Use of Copyrighted Materials.

Patrons who wish to publish images of materials held by the Fales Library may be subject to publication and use fees.

Our public services forms for reader registration, requesting photographs and photocopies, and notification of intent to quote or publish materials are available here: Fales Library Public Services Forms

Events in the Fales Library
We are happy to make our space available for a wide range of events and programs. Please submit a copy of the Event Scheduling Form for each event at least SIX WEEKS in advance for consideration. Forms received after that time will not be processed.

Photocopies and Photography

The Fales Library/Special Collections provides a variety of copying services subject to the charges listed below. The Fales Library makes photocopies and self-shot photos available for research purposes only, as per provision 108 of the copyright code. Permission to publish any Fales Library material must be secured in writing from both the copyright holder, and the Fales Librarian. The Fales Library must be credited in all publications in which Fales materials are used.

The Fales Library cannot give you legal rights to publish material (except for those collections where the library holds these rights). Such rights must be obtained in a formal, legal statement from the heirs or executors of any materials you wish to publish. In granting reproduction rights, the Fales Library acts only as owner of the physical originals (of mss., prints, etc.) and takes no responsibility for any possible infringement of copyright laws in the publication of the material.

All orders for photocopying, scanning, and photo duplication must be pre-paid. Please allow up to 2 weeks for photocopying.


Photocopies of Fales materials can be made for research purposes, at the discretion of a curator. Patrons must complete and sign an order form for all materials they wish to have copied. Fales reserves the right to make decisions about what materials can be copied based on the condition of the materials, donor restrictions, or other concerns.

Service Charges: 50 cents per page

A $10 service charge will be added for all mail orders


Digital scans of Fales materials can be made once permission from copyright holders is given. Patrons must complete and sign an order form for all materials they wish to have scanned. Fales reserves the right to make decisions about what materials can be scanned based on the condition of the materials or copyright restrictions. Scanned images may not be published without the approval of a Fales curator and the payment of a use fee. Use of personal scanners in the reading room is not allowed.

Service Charges: $15 per scan

A $10 service charge will be added for all mail orders

Personal Digital Camera Use

The use of personal cameras in the Reading Room is managed by the staff of the Fales Library & Special Collections on a case by case basis. Camera use by researchers occurs only by appointment and with departmental permission. Digital surrogates taken by researchers are for private research and not for publication. Fragile, damaged or restricted items will not be duplicated in any way, and entire books or manuscript boxes (or substantial portions of either) will not be digitally reproduced unless otherwise authorized.

Please see our Policy on Digital Camera Use in the Reading Room for further details.

Photographs and Negatives

Fales materials, both manuscripts and books, may be photographed. Arrangements for photographs are made by the Fales Library. Prices are for color or black and white negatives and prints. In all cases the Fales Library will retain the negative for each image photographed. The following fee scale applies to all photographs:

a. Prints from Existing Negatives:

8 x 10 = $20/image

11 x 14 = $30/image

b. New Photography:(No negative on file)

Black and White:

4 x 5 negative only = $20/image

4 x 5 b&w negative with one 8 x 10 print = $50/image


Color Slides = $50.00/ image

Color transparencies:

4x5 transparencies are $50.00/ image

Normal service time is four to six weeks.RUSH service is available. Add 100% of the total order cost for RUSH service.

Publication and Use Fees

Statement: Publication of images of Fales Library Special Collections materials is subject to curatorial approval and fees may be charged for such use. "Publication" includes the following media: print (as in books, journals, theses, dissertations, etc.),electronic/digital, videotape, film, or microfilm.

The fees listed below are for non-exclusive use of a single image unless otherwise indicated. They are assessed in addition to photoduplication costs and are to be paid in advance of publication. Only those images actually used in publication are subject to these fees. If a request covers more than one form of publication, then the fees are cumulative.

Publication fees are waived for theses, dissertations, and articles in scholarly journals. Charges for university presses are reduced by 50%. All units of New York University, non-profit organization(s) (with the exception of university presses), and governmental organizations will not be subject to these charges

NB:Fees for material used in performance, broadcast, or sound/audio recordings are to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.


Schedule of Fees:

I. Print publication (books, journals, etc.)

One country usage, any language:

First-time use $ 40

Subsequent use (new edition, same title) $ 40

Full use (all editions) $100

World usage, any one language:

First-time use $ 60

Subsequent use (new edition, same title) $ 60

Full use (all editions) $150

World usage, all languages:

First-time use $ 80

Subsequent use (new edition, same title) $ 80

Full use (all editions) $200

Special one-time uses, per-image rates:

Facsimile reproduction Negotiated fee

Dust jackets and other covers $200

Promotional and other specialized uses $200

II. Electronic/digital publication

One country usage, any one language

First-time use $ 50

Subsequent use (new edition, same title) $ 50

Full use (all editions) $100

World usage, any one language

First-time use $ 75

Subsequent use (new edition, same title) $ 75

Full use (all editions) $150

World usage, all languages

First-time use $100

Subsequent use (new edition, same title) $100

Full use (all editions) $200

Special one-time uses, per image $200

III. Videotape or motion-picture-film publication

A. Still imagery

Same as fees for electronic/digital publication (see above)

B. Videotape or motion-picture-film footage

Each one-time use $250/min. or fraction thereof, $100/min thereafter

Special advertisement or promotional use Same as above

Other uses Case-by-case

IV. Microform publicationNegotiated fee

V. Exhibition

Exhibition charges for use of an image are the same as for video and televisionbroadcast. One time installations are the same as local and traveling exhibitions are the same charges as national broadcasts.