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The Tracey-Barry Gallery is located at 70 Washington Square South, Third Floor, and is open to the public from 10:00 to 4:30, Monday to Friday.

“Why Are You Doing This To Me?” Philip Monaghan and David Trinidad, A Collaboration of a Painter and a Poet
February 9 to May 8, 2016

“Why Are You Doing This To Me?” is a visual statement that lifts scenes from David Trinidad’s iconic poem “The Late Show,” revealing the films referenced by the poem. The paintings portray the mock pathos and camp qualities the nineteen films embody. According to Trinidad, the result is sublime. The scenes unfold as the poem does, each frame delivered like a film spools through a projector, capturing the staccato rhythm of the poem. An often horrific quality prevails as each actress’s circumstance and character flaws result in them becoming victims, once again. Holland Cotter, reviewing Monaghan’s previous exhibition of paintings based on a poem by Tim Dlugos wrote, “Mr. Monaghan is admirably faithful to the poem’s text. His layering of painted and printed images reflects its fractured structure. His light-touch, straight-faced brushwork is perfectly suited to its plain-style language and affectless, though dimly forbidding tone.”

Fales Library houses David Trinidad’s papers in the Downtown Collection. This exhibition will include archival material from Trinidad’s papers, allowing viewers to follow the process of the creation of “The Late Show” from the research, to an early draft, through publication of the poem. In the exhibition’s accompanying catalogue Marvin J. Taylor, Director and Curator of Fales Library, writes: “Trinidad’s easy-going style and perfect choice of words belies his complex rhythms, rhyme schemes, and tributes to the most complicated structures in the history of poetry.”

For more information on Philip Monaghan: www.philipmonaghanstudio.com


The Critical Topics in Food Series

[An archive of videos of past Fales Food Studies events can be viewed here.]

For the past several years the Fales Library, NYU's Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health, along with Clark Wolf of Clark Wolf Company, Inc. have planned a series of public, scholarly panels and events highlighting current topics in food.