Downtown Music II: Bibliography and Resources


Dead Boys
Wayne County
Richard Hell (Voidoids, Heartbreakers, Television)
Mink DeVille
New York Dolls
Patti Smith
Talking Heads
Tuff Darts (featuring Robert Gordon)
Velvet Underground


CBGB (315 Bowery)
Hurrahs (36 W. 62nd St.)
Max's Kansas City (213 Park Avenue South)
Mercer Arts Center (673 Broadway)
Mudd Club (77 White Street)
Tier 3 (West Broadway & White Street)

Selected Bibliography

Heylin, Clinton. From the Velvets to the Voidoids: A Pre-Punk History for a Post-Punk World. New York: Penguin, 1993.
An oral history of the early days of New York underground rock, featuring commentary from many of the important artists and cultural observers of the time.

Kozak, Roman. This Ain't No Disco: The Story of CBGB. Boston: Faber & Faber, 1988.
This history of the club (through the 'eighties) includes a discography of artists who performed there frequently.

McNeil, Legs. Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk. New York: Grove Press, 1996.
An oral history of New York punk, based on interviews with major musicians and other figures on the scene. McNeil was the founder of Punk magazine.

Gendron, Bernard. Between Montmartre and the Mudd Club: Popular Music and the Avant-Garde. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2002.
Gendron engages postmodern theory to discuss the punk scene and its aftermath in the context of twentieth-century avant-garde traditions and the interplay of high and low culture. The final section of the book covers the New York downtown rock scenes between 1971 and 1981. His discussion of the rhetoric surrounding punk and new wave is especially useful.

Selected Discography

Various Artists. The Definitive Story of CBGB: Home of U.S. Punk. Salvo, 2006.
This two-disc set features music by many of the important bands that played at the club, including the early New York punk bands, their influences (New York Dolls, Velvet Underground, MC5, Stooges), their contemporaries (Pere Ubu, Devo), and post-punk successors (James Chance, Bush Tetras, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks).

Various Artists. New York Rocks: Original Punk Classics of the 70's. Koch, 2005.
This compilation provides a good overview of the early New York punk scene, with single tracks from most of the significant artists.

Web Resources

Discography: The VH1 online store has a fairly comprehensive listing of currently available CDs

All Music Guide, New York Punk entry

A.S. Van Dorston's History of Punk site (includes bibliography)

CBGB website

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