Downtown Music V: Bibliography and Resources


Tim Berne
Polly Bradfield
Eugene Chadbourne
Anthony Coleman
Tom Cora
Marty Ehrlich
Bill Frisell
Fred Frith
Kip Hanrahan
Wayne Horvitz
Guy Klucevsek
Christian Marclay
Microscopic Septet
Lawrence "Butch" Morris
David Moss
Zeena Parkins
Bobby Previte
Ned Rothenberg
Elliott Sharp
Jim Staley
John Zorn


Studio Henry (1 Morton Street)
Knitting Factory (47 E. Houston St. (1987-94), later 74 Leonard St.)
Roulette (228 West Broadway)
Chandelier (120 Ave. C)
Inroads (150 Mercer St.)
Life Café (343 E. 10th St.)
The Kitchen (59 Wooster St.)
Neither/Nor (73. E. 6th St.)
The Saint (206 E. 7th St.)
P.S. 122 (First Avenue & 9th St.)
C.U.A.N.D.O. community center (Houston St. & 2nd Ave.)
See also section on Downtown Rock after Punk.

Selected Bibliography

Zorn, John (editor). Arcana: Musicians on Music. New York: Granary Books, 2000.
Partly in response to the fact that so little has been written about this music, Zorn invited a number of artists to contribute pieces about their own work to this anthology. Among the contributors are Zorn, George Lewis, Ikue Mori, Anthony Coleman, ZE'V, Guy Klucevsek, Elliott Sharp, and Fred Frith.

Selected Discography

Various Artists. Live at the Knitting Factory (volumes 1-5). A&M, 1989-1990 (vols. 1-4); Knitting Factory Works (vol. 5), 1991.
The five discs of recordings from the early days of the Knitting Factory present an overview of the music presented at the club. Included are some of the important improv artists of the 'eighties as well as many of the jazz- and rock-oriented groups that would become Knitting Factory regulars.

Note: There is no significant overview compilation for the 'eighties improv scene. See Web Resources below for a link to Patrice Rousel's comprehensive discographies of downtown musicians.

Web Resources

New York Downtown Scene: Patrice Roussel's Discographies
A rich source of comprehensive discographies for many of the most important downtown jazz and improv musicians. Artists covered are Tim Berne, Anthony Coleman, Tom Cora, Dave Douglas, Marty Ehrlich, Ellery Eskelin, Fred Frith, Wayne Horvitz; Guy Klucevsek, Steve Lacy, Arto Lindsay, Christian Marclay, Ikue Mori, Lawrence "Butch" Morris, David Moss, Evan Parker, Zeena Parkins, Bobby Previte, Marc Ribot, Jon Rose, Ned Rothenberg, Elliott Sharp, David Shea, Otomo Yoshihide, John Zorn.

Knitting Factory History

All Music Guide: Free Improvisation

All Music Guide: Structured Improvisation

Irving Stone on John Zorn
A diehard fan and supporter of improvised music, the late Irving Stone (for whom Zorn named his performance space) wrote this reminiscence in the 'eighties.

Bruce Gallanter Interview
Gallanter is owner of Downtown Music Gallery, a record store specializing in downtown and avant-garde music. He discusses, among other things, the downtown scene of the 'eighties.

Philip Johnston Interview (co-leader of the Microscopic Septet)

John Zorn Interview
Originally published in Jazz Times, March 2000.

Butch Morris Audio Interview and Concert
Streaming audio of a 1988 radio interview with Morris and a concert from 1987 at The Kitchen, featuring Morris, J.A. Deanne and Wayne Horvitz.

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