Downtown Music, 1971-1987: An Overview and Resource Guide

Researched, compiled and written by Peter Cherches
February-May, 2007

Last Updated December 10, 2007

This guide is an attempt to provide an overview of the major strains of downtown music during the years 1971-1987, a period of remarkable artistic ferment. It should be seen as an aid to further research rather than a comprehensive summation. It covers "new music" (i.e., contemporary classical), jazz and improvised music, and rock, with particular attention to the intermixing of styles and genres that was characteristic of downtown arts in the 'seventies and 'eighties. Each section provides a brief historical overview followed by selected resources, including lists of significant artists and venues, selected bibliographies and discographies, and web resources. Bibliographies and discographies are not intended to be comprehensive but rather are suggested starting points for research on a specific genre or subgenre. The discographies, in general, focus on compilations that give a broad overview of the music; where possible, links have been provided to more detailed web-based discographies.



Downtown Music I: New Music Downtown, 1971-87

Downtown Music I: Bibliography and Resources

Downtown Music II: Downtown Rock: Punk and New Wave, 1974-78

Downtown Music II: Bibliography and Resources

Downtown Music III: Downtown Rock After Punk: No Wave and Beyond, 1978-87

Downtown Music III: Bibliography and Resources

Downtown Music IV: Loft Jazz, 1972-79

Downtown Music IV: Bibliography and Resources

Downtown Music V: Downtown Improv and Jazz, 1979-87

Downtown Music V: Bibliography and Resources

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