NYU Post War Expansion,
The Law Center and the Locals
But NYU has not always dominated the park and it’s surrounding streets, for its expansion has come with much community opposition.  Local residents have not always seen eye to eye with NYU’s claim to be a “private institution for a public cause” when NYU continues to overtake land in Greenwich Village for private academic endeavors.
This website deals with the physical expansion of NYU after World War II, focusing on the institution’s manner of discourse with the local community over their plans to build a new law center between 1947 and 1951.
Above:  Images of the Vanderbilt Law Center.
Expansion Around Washington Square
Click here to explore the timeline of events surrounding the Vanderbilt Hall controversy.
Today New York University (NYU) is based in the heart of Greenwich Village in downtown Manhattan. With enrollment reaching 40,000 individuals, Washington Square Park, a public space, has become the preemptive campus quad for NYU students.  
A cartoon in a local Greenwich Village  publication portrays NYU as a greedy institution taking over the “MacDougal Sullivan Block” while local children look on crying.