The Law Center and the Locals
This website has been made for the undergraduate history workshop NYU Creating a Digital History with Professor Peter Wosh, Director of the NYU Archives Program.  
You can visit the NYU archives collection on the 10th floor of Bobst Library, 70 Washington Square South.  
This website is not supported by the New York University School of Law or the Vanderbilt family.
Name: Chelsea
Age: 21
Home State: New Jersey
Student information
NYU School: College of Arts and Science
Major: History
Minor: Production
Current Location: Downtown Manhattan
Quote: Quid quid latine dictum sit, altum videtur.
Travel Destination: Wasatch Mts, Utah, Costa Rica, and London, England.
Note that I am not a qualified expert on Vanderbilt Hall or anything else, but will be happy to help direct you to an appropriate source.  Please only contact me with questions regarding this website, seeing that the broad range of “anything else” is beyond my human capacity.
About My Website
Shout Outs...
Top 5 Things I’ve learned:
I would like to thank NYU Archivist Nancy Cricco and the helpful graduate student assistants, especially Karen Murphy.  Without your help this website would have turned out like an icky thump.
Prof Wosh, you went to great lengths to make this class interesting.  Thank you, even if I didn’t appreciate you locking down the computers in Bobst while we had class!
I would also like to thank the anonymous person in the Archives Department who put a post-it note on the bookcase indicating the aisle with the photocopier in it.  Without that post-it note, I would have walked past the copier many times.
1)  People who work in the archives aren’t boring.
2)  Although my mom has made fun of me for taking this course, archiving is a serious and important way for us to preserve the past.
3)  Ms. Cricco goes on lots of trips.
4)  If you want to get people’s attention, take away the internet.
5)  If you are bored, check out the website  You can look at websites from years ago and make fun of the cheesy color schemes and photos.