Paul O'Dwyer speaks about the 10th Anniversary of the 1981 Hunger Strikes

Biographical Note:
Paul O'Dwyer (b. Bohola, Co. Mayo, 1907 - d. Goshen, New York 1998) was a lawyer and local politician in New York City. He was active on behalf of human rights and civil liberties in the United States and in Northern Ireland. He was also involved in many Irish American organizations, including the Irish Institute (est. 1950). His love for New York City and its history led him to assist in the creation of the Department of Records & Information Services (D.O.R.I.S.) to oversee the Municipal Archives and to become the Manhattan Borough Historian in 1986.

Log of Interview:


Elizabeth O'Hara is interested in marking the 10th anniversary of the hunger strikes


Actor Mickey Rourke's interest


1981 Memorial Foundation


Bobby Sands' intellectual development while in prison


Tradition of IRA members writing while imprisoned

19 April 1991

Preferred Citation:
Jane Conlon Muller Oral History Collection, Archives of Irish America, New York University.

Photo Credit:
Paul O'Dwyer making his New York City Council President campaign victory speech, December 1973
Archives of Irish America, NYU
Gift of Dorothy Hayden Cudahy
Dig. ID 0002PR01

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