Irish American Studies at NYU

Situated in the heart of New York City – the historic port of entry for immigrants – New York University’s Glucksman Ireland House is pioneering a new field of studies centered on Irish America.

Any history of the United States is incomplete without an understanding of the various roles that Irish immigrants and their progeny have played here over the past 350 years. Likewise, Irish America is a critical component in the history of Ireland.

Glucksman Ireland House is committed to encouraging the study of the social and cultural heritage of millions of Americans of Irish descent whose stories are woven through the histories of both nations. It has two Irish American specialists on its faculty, making NYU unique among all Irish studies programs in the United States. In addition, all of its Irish American courses are cross-listed with other departments at NYU in order to introduce the widest range of students to the field. High enrollments have already demonstrated the eagerness of our students to learn more about the Irish in America.

Read more about Irish Studies at NYU on the Glucksman Ireland House Web site.