American Political Actions



Protests following the death of Bobby Sands

Demonstrations against British Leaders




AIA Dig. ID 0032PL03

"...the International Longshoreman's Association called on its members not to unload British ships for 24 hours. The move was a demonstration according to Thomas W. Gleason, the association's present, 'against the violation of human rights by the British Government.' The boycott was to end at 7 A.M. today."
      New York Times, 8 May 1981, A-13

"More than 10,000 people rallied in support of the Irish Republican Army hunger strikers last night in San Francisco and heard calls for a boycott of British goods. "We have to take economic and political action to support our friends and punish our enemies," said John Maher, founder of Delancey Street and one of the organizers of the rally at the Irish Cultural Center."
      "1000 Rally in San Francisco for Hunger Strikers"
       San Francisco Chronicle, 20 May 1981, 1-2-1

"Los Angeles International Airport was brought to a standstill on American Independence Day, the 4th of July, when 'the Friends of Irish Freedom' staged a massive demonstration outside British Airways to protest the treatment of the hunger strikers and to announce their support for a nationwide boycott of British goods and services.

During the demonstration, airport security officials had to be called in when it became apparent that British Airway passengers were not getting to their flights.

AIA Dig. ID 0016PL02


Sean O'Brien, Chairman of the Friends of Ireland, announced during the demonstration, 'It's time for Americans and Irish alike, to shout out against the atrocities perpetuated against the Irish people in the north of Ireland and to show our support for the brave men, women and children who are willing to sacrifice their lives for a free and united Ireland.'"
      "Los Angeles International Airport Brought to
       a Standstill"
       Irish People, 8 August 1981, 14

"There's a fellow I keep thinking of. His name is Tommy Madden, and he has a restaurant all the way out on the island. It's at Eastport. He puts his money where his mouth is. He will not sell Scotch or gin. It's costing him money. He won't bend. I kept thinking that sooner or later, that spirit is going to appear in other people. I can't believe that a young kid can starve himself to death and anybody with a trace of Irish blood in him won't get disturbed."
      Frank Durkan, quoted in
      Daily News, 9 August 1981, 23



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