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American Political Actions

"Be it resolved, that the Chicago City Council supports the demand of the political prisoners and strongly urges the British government to take the necessary action to prevent the tragic and disastrous results of a hunger strike. In the name of basic human justice, we urge the British government to grant the political prisoners demands."
      Chicago City Council
      Irish People, 21 February 1981, 4

AIA Dig. ID 0009PL01


"As members of the Ad Hoc Congressional Committee for Irish Affairs, we are making an urgent appeal on behalf of the Ancient Order of Hibernians and the Irish National Caucus, that you immediately communicate with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to urge a humanitarian resolution in the matter of Mr. Robert Sands. Mr. Sands, a legally elected member of the British Parliament, and a prisoner in the Long Kesh prison facility, is in the 54th day of a hunger strike.

As his condition deteriorates, violence in the North has escalated. His death very well may trigger more severe violence. It is our hope that you can convey your concern personally and immediately to Mrs. Thatcher. Clearly, time is of the essence as officials have indicated that his death may be imminent if quick action is not taken.

As you stated in your St. Patrick's Day message, 'I add my personal prayers and the good offices of the United States to those who wish fervently for peace.' We make our appeal to you in the spirit of peace and humanity." Telegram sent to President Reagan signed by members of Congress: Senator Alfonse D'Amato (R-NY), and Represenatives Mario Biaggi (D-NY), Benjamin Rosenthal (D-NY), William Cotter (D-Conn), Leo C. Zeferetti (D-NY), Norman Lent (R-NY), Harold C. Hollenbeck (R-NJ), John Conyers (D-Mich), Richard Ottinger (D-NY), Nicholas Mavroules (D-Mass), William Carney (R-NY), Frank Annuzio (D-Ill), Eugene Atkinson (D-Pa), Charles Schumer (D-NY), John LeBoutillier (R-NY), Benjamin Gilman (R-NY), Gregory Carman (R-NY), Hamilton Fish (R-NY), Cardiss Collins (D-Ill), Samuel S. Stratton (D-NY), and James Nelligan (R-Pa)."
      "Twenty in Congress Urge Action on Hunger Strike"
       Irish Echo, 2 May 1981

"The Massachusetts Legislature unanimously passed a resolution memorializing the President of the United States to urge the Government of Great Britain to recognize Bobby Sands as a political prisoner.

In co-sponsoring this resolution, Representative Charles Doyle (D-Boston) and Marie Howe (D-Somerville) called upon the British government 'to recognize British injustice in occupied Ireland which violates the fundamental principles of common law and human decency that persons are interned without being charged with a crime; are unable to attain a trial by a jury of their peers; coerced confessions are admissible into evidence; and political dissidents are presumed guilty until they have proven themselves innocent.'

The Massachusetts House of Representatives further declared its abhorrence of 'the inhuman conditions that have led to a second hunger strike' and requested the President to inform British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of its desire that the proposals 'submitted by the British Government to those on the first hunger strike on Dec. 18, 1980, and accepted by them as fulfilling the conditions they sought on embarking on their hunger strike, be implemented by prison authorities without delay.'

In closing, the Massachusetts House requested President Reagan to immediately contact Prime Minister Thatcher and request her to recognize Sands as a political prisoner and that he not be classed as a common criminal."
      "Mass. House Resolution Backs Bobby Sands"
       Irish Echo, 2 May 1981, 2

"I am asking you not to let Bobby Sands die. His death will result in more violence and senseless deaths. It's within your power to bring this situation to a peaceful end. For the good of England, and the good of Ireland, please set forth this important peace initiative."
      U.S. Representative Geraldine A. Ferraro (D-Queens) in a telegram sent to Margaret
      The Irish World, American Industrial Liberator & Gaelic American, 9 May 1981, 4


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