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Other Resources about the Hunger Strikes


Bobby Sands Trust

Camloch 1981 Hunger Strike Committee

Celebration of Resistance Committee 1981-2001

Conflict Archive on the Internet: The Northern Ireland Conflict (1968 to the Present)
This site documents “the Troubles” in Northern Ireland from 1968 to the present. It contains both primary and secondary source material on society and politics in the region, including the hunger strike of 1981.

Also included on this site are examples of Hunger Strike and Prisoners Campaign Posters.

Hunger Strike 20th Anniversary 1981-2001
This site is organized by the 1981 Hunger Strike Commemoration Project. It contains biographies of the strikers, a history of both street and prison protests, memories of the strikers by those in the movement, and an archive of photographs, posters, murals, and the Armagh H-Block Bulletin. The site also contains a calendar containing notices of international events commemorating the strikes.

Hunger Strike Commemoration Committee 1981-2001

The Irish Hunger Strikes: A Commemorative Project
This commemorative site contains short biographies of the ten strikers who died, as well as a number of Republican documents from the “Troubles.”

Irish Republican H-Block Martyrs
This site is a brief overview of the history of the 1980 and 1981 hunger strikes. It contains biographies of the ten strikers, songs written by and about them, and has a suggested reading list.

"The Legacy of Bobby Sands"
(by Jan Schuurman and Perro de Jong for Radio Netherlands, 2001)

"A State Apart"
CD-ROM created by BBC Northern Ireland regarding the “Troubles.” It contains a complete timeline history, video and audio clips, photographs, newspaper text, and other sources to explore the conflict. It also contains historical keyword essays to better search for information. The BBC Shop Arthur Street Belfast, Northern Ireland


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"The Last Hunger Striker" (60 min., Ireland, 1982) about Mickey Devine of the Irish National Liberation Army, the last man to die in the 1981 Hunger Strikes.

"The Will To Resist: The H-Block Hunger Strike" (70 min., Ireland, 1991), a look back at the events of 1981 after ten years.

Feature Film

"Some Mother's Son" (112 min., Ireland, 1996).
Terry George, dir.; Terry George and Jim Sheridan, writers; starring Helen Mirren and Fionnula Flanagan as mothers whose sons Aiden Gillen and David O'Hara are on hunger strike in Northern Ireland in 1981.


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