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1980 USA Census: Irish-Born By Selected City

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Meaghan Dwyer
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Katie Senft
M.A. candidate History, NYU

Marion R. Casey
Assistant Professor of History & Faculty Fellow in Irish-American Studies, NYU
B.A. Hons. History & English, UCD 1983
Ph.D. History, NYU 1998

Special thanks to:
Nancy Cricco
New York University Archives

Frank Durkan, Esq.
O'Dwyer & Bernstien

J.J. Lee
Glucksman Chair of Irish Studies, NYU;
Professor of History, UCC

All visual and audio materials used in this exhibit are drawn from the following collections in the Archives of Irish America:
> George Harrison Papers
> Irish Republicanism Collection
> Jane Conlon Muller Oral History Collection
> John McLaughlin Papers
> Material Culture Collection
> Newspaper Collection
> New York Irish History Roundtable Papers

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