New York Stories

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© 2000 Archives of Irish America

Dedicated to the memory of Paul O’Dwyer (1907–1998)

New York Stories is a series of twentieth century vignettes about the New York Irish community. Through it we glimpse what it was like to be a young live-in domestic servant in Manhattan in 1930; the political style of Mayor William O’Dwyer and his brother, Paul; the publicity techniques used by the United Irish Counties Association to promote its annual Feis (music and dance festival); reaction to the 1950 visit of Northern Ireland Prime Minister Sir Basil Brooke; the largesse of writer Brendan Behan; and the men and women behind the Irish Institute of New York, a philanthropic group that marked its fiftieth anniversary in 2000. New York Stories is drawn from videotaped oral histories with four women who knew that community intimately:


The Spin on Ireland: Irish Music Record Cover Art since 1950

Glucksman Ireland House, NYU February–May 2001

1981 Hunger Strikes: America Reacts

This virtual exhibit uses nearly 200 direct quotations from the American print media as well as approximately 50 images drawn from archival material produced by the Irish American community during the 1981 Hunger Strikes in Northern Ireland.