Gail Malmgreen is Processing Archivist at the Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives, Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, New York University. The text for this exhibit was adapted from an article published in the October 1991 issue of Labor's Heritage, a publication of the George Meany Memorial Archives, Silver Spring, MD.

The author is grateful for the support and assistance of Dr. Debra E. Bernhardt, Head of Archival Collections, Bobst Library, NYU; Michael S. Perry, former Executive Director of the Jewish Labor Committee; and Erika Gottfried, Nonprint Curator of the Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives. Additional thanks are due to Karl Dunkel, Ethel Lobman, Moshe Kagan, Shavit Birenzvige, Michael Pitkis and Cara Brick at NYU; and to Philoine Fried, Florence Cohen, and Arieh Lebowitz of the Jewish Labor Committee.

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