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By 1971, despite the unpopular U.S. invasion of Loas at the beginning of the year, anti-war fervor had begun to subside while women’s issues began to come into light. With the lessons they had learned observing and participating in the anti-war movement and the civil rights struggle, student activists began applying them to the burgeoning women's liberation movement. Also, by the end of the year, Nixon had withdrawn some 400,000 U.S. troops and the death rate of American servicemen had dropped significantly.

  • The television series "All in the Family" premieres on CBS.
  • Protesters Want to Broadcast Message - On Feb. 10, NYU students join demonstrators at Times Square to protest the expansion of the Indo-China war into Laos. The demonstration, organized by various anti-war groups, is called with the hopes that a delegation could enter the NBC-TV studios and state their anti-war views on the air. They are refused entry.
  • Maintenance Men Go On Strike - Members of Local 810, the NYU Maintenance Local of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, go on strike after failing to reach a settlement with the University over higher pay. The workers, mainly painters, electricians, plumbers, building operators, locksmiths and engineers, walk off the job in protest.
Maintenance Strike
  • Wave of Vandalism as Strike Rolls On - A wave of vandalism occurs resulting in the smashing of 14 large plate glass windows at Loeb Student Center and other windows, including trucks and cars, around Washington Square Park. Members of Local 810 deny any responsibility for the damage, and when asked, some Teamsters claim that the wind did it.
Women Speak Out
  • Women Speak Out - The United Women's Contingent sponsor a "Speak-Out on Women and the War" in the Eisner-Lubin Auditorium in Loeb Student Center on April 19th. Featured are feminists, actresses, poets, and politicians. They also sponsor women to go to Washington a few days later to march against the war in S.E. Asia.
  • Peaceful Protest in DC - On April 24, approximately 200,000 peaceful protesters gather in the nation's capital to demonstrate against the war in Vietnam. Some fly kites, some pass joints, and others spoke for radicalism.
Peaceful Protest
  • Maintenance Workers Strike Ends - On May 8, the Maintenance workers strike, the longest in NYU history, ends when the Teamsters vote to accept a tentative agreement reached Friday
  • The Pentagon Papers are Published - On June 13, the New York Times begins publishing the Pentagon Papers, a highly confidential document concerning US policy in Vietnam. In an attempt to stop leaks of what they consider sensitive information, the Justice Department and the Nixon administration appeal to the Supreme Court to obtain a court injunction to halt publication on national security grounds. The Supreme Court rules in favor of free press and the Times continues publication.
  • Attica Prison Rebellion - Prisoners at the upstate New York correctional facility in Attica take some thirty hostages prisoner in a stand-off that lasts four days. The rebellion ends when state troopers and sheriffs storm the facility leaving 10 guards and 32 prisoners dead. The action is highly criticized as a case of state and federal mismanagement, use of excessive force, poor planning, and oppressive action.
  • NYU To Open Birth Control Center - NYU announces plans to open a birth control center to provide counseling, information and advice regarding medical problems to students at the Washington Square College campus.

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