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A pivotal event occurs on April 30 when President Richard M. Nixon appears on national television to announce the U.S. invasion of Cambodia and the need to draft 150,000 more soldiers for an expansion of the Vietnam War effort. This sparks nation-wide protests on college campuses, the most notorious of which occurs at Kent State University in Ohio. The President's announcement also ushers in the most dramatic phase of student radicalism at NYU.

  • Five Charged in ROTC Raid - Five radical students, most of whom are members of the NYU chapter of SDS, receive letters officially charging them with participating in the Oct. 15, 1969 ransacking of the ROTC offices.
  • NYU Gets Injunction - NYU wins a court injunction restraining student radicals from committing acts of violence or vandalism against University property
  • Rally for the Panther 21 - On April 1, 1970, radical leader Abbie Hoffman and Dharuba of the "Panther 21" hold a rally at Washington Place on behalf of the imprisoned Panthers.
Panther Rally
  • U.S. Troops in Cambodia - President Richard Nixon announces that he has ordered American troops into Cambodia to take part in a major military action. This announcement sets off nationwide protests against the war.
  • Kent State Massacre - On May 4, 1970, a demonstration by students against the Vietnam War ends in tragedy when the Ohio National Guardsmen open fire on protesters killing four students and wounding nine others. Protests occur nationwide in response to the tragedy
Kent State massacre
  • NYU Reacts - At New York University, in the week beginning Sunday May 3, 1970, a number of activities are initiated by large numbers of students and faculty members. Within a few days, several groups of "strikers", composed of students, a few faculty members, and numbers of individuals not affiliated with the University, assume an opposition stance toward the University itself. The Strikers assume a forceful occupation of university buildings at NYU's Washington Square Complex.
NYU Reacts

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