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Abbie Hoffman and Dharuba of the "Panther 21" hold a rally at Washington Place on behalf of the imprisoned Panthers.

Dharuba introduces the new slogan of the Black Panthers, "We'll kill anyone who stands in the way of our freedom." Referring to the Queens jail in which the Panthers were being held, Dharuba concludes by saying, "I think I'll go back up to Babylon and get arrested."

b/w photograph of rally at Washington Place, April 1970. NYU Archives Photograph Collection.
Hoffman points to the injustice of the bail system as applied the imprisoned Panthers and to that of the legal system in general. Speaking of his recent "Chicago 7" trial for conspiracy to incite a riot at the 1968 Democratic Convention, Hoffman declares "I don't care what the fucking Supreme Court says. They're a bunch of honky racists too. ...All trails in American are political trials. All prisoners are political prisoners."
b/w photograph of Hoffman at rally, April 1970. NYU Archives Photograph Collection.
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