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In 1969, student insurrections and campus uprisings surrounding issues of racism, repressive governmental actions, and the Vietnam War took place at NYU. SDS, who had begun a campaign of hardline and ultra-serious politics, evident by the Chi-Reston incident of the previous year, continued their aggressive tactics throughout 1969. In reaction to SDS's hardline and ultra-serious politics, a new tendency began to flourish at NYU: Transcendental Students (TS). This cultural revolutionary group adopted the "freak-out" as its principal tactic of having fun and attacking the "Establishment".

  • Counter-Inaugural March on Washington - A counter-inaugural march is organized by the Mobilization to End the War in Vietnam (Mobe) to protest Nixon's inauguration and the Vietnam War. The parade, which draws some 10,000 people, has roughly 2,000 demonstrators on hand.
Inaugural Protest
  • Abolition of Grades - Robert D. Wolfe, associate professor of history at Washington Square College (WSC), calls for the complete abolition of grades at WSC, and reveals his plan to give all his present students the grades of A. He considers the present grading process a "punitive" system which discourages experimentation among students.
  • 150 Students Confront the Police - A crowd of roughly 150 demonstrators march on the site of the hearings of SDS leader Robert Kirkman, protesting his expulsion from the University for his participation is the Chi-Reston incident.
Robert Kirkman
  • NYU senior Robert Kirkman expelled for protesting against Nguyen Huu Chi
  • "Freak-In" - Hundreds of NYU stage "Freak-ins", drugged and drunken events sponsored by the Transcendental Students (TS), throughout the month of March.
Hog Farm Commune
  • The Hog Farm Commune - A group of about 50 persons and several farm animals including a 300 pound sow named Pigasus, appear at Loeb Student Center on March 15 to orchestrate a "happening". The event features a thousand pounds of pudding wheeled into Loeb in a giant vat into which audience/participants jump. The pudding causes an estimated $2,000 worth of damage to Loeb. The event also features nude men and women showering the audience with gallons of water while a light show is projected.
  • Open Admission Rally - On March 25, NYU SDS leads a rally in Main Building calling for open admission to the university for black, Hispanic and white working class high school students.
Open Admission Rally
  • Ronald Reagan Speaks - California Governor Ronald Reagan calls on Congress to strengthen existing laws which cut off federal funds to rioting college students. He also criticizes college administrators as "slow to act and quick to concede" to student unrest.
  • "Declaration on Campus Unrest" - The American Council on Education issues a "Declaration on Campus Unrest". In response to mounting public criticism of university administrators for failure to adequately respond to growing campus disorder, the Council statement declares that "disruption and violence have no place on any campus" and that administrators have "the responsibility to deal promptly and directly with disruption." At the same time, however, the council warns that "governmental attempts to deal with these problems through special, punitive legislation will almost certainly be counterproductive."
  • Panther 21 - On April 2, 1969, 21 members of the Black Panther Party are indicted on charges of conspiring to blow up five department stores, a police station, railroad tracks and the Bronx Botanical Gardens. The thirteen members arrested by police are held in prison at $100, 000 bail each. For the next year, the "Panther 21" becomes a major rallying point for student radicalism. Both the Black Panthers and white student groups ally with them pointing to the "Panther 21" trial as part of a nationwide "extermination campaign" directed against the Black Panthers by the federal government.
Black Panthers
  • Stonewall Riots - On June 27, cops raid a New York City gay bar, the Stonewall Inn. Patrons fight back in a battle lasting 3 nights.
  • The Woodstock Music and Art Fair is Held in Upstate NY
  • "National Action" Declared - The Weatherman faction of SDS initiates a "National Action" in Chicago, with the intent of confronting and battling police in "pig city" in order to mark the opening of a "second front" (i.e. for the Vietcong) and to "bring the war home." On October 13, several hundred youths armed with rocks, chains and flares smash store windows and charge headlong into Chicago police. The action results in the arrest of 283 Weathermen and women, and injury to at least 50 police officers.
  • Fort Dix Demonstration - On October 13, an NYU contingent of roughly 400 anti-war protesters, which include members of SDS and TS, are bused to Fort Dix, NJ to show support for 38 soldiers jailed under political arrest. MPs respond by spraying the demonstrators with tear gas.
  • Vietnam Moratorium Day - On October 15, Vietnam Moratorium Day is observed nationwide, drawing thousands of anti-war demonstrators together in cities across the nation.
Vietnam Moratorium Day
  • Radicals Raid the ROTC Offices - While the peaceful anti-war moratorium takes place outside in Washington Square Park, SDS and others trash the offices of Army & Air Force ROTC protesting the military's presence on campus.
  • "Vietnamizing" the War - By the end of 1969, the U.S. military was slowly allowing the South Vietnamese to take over the fighting.
S. Vietnamese Soldiers

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