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In 1967, the Summer of Love quickly gave way to the winter of student discontent, and the advent of more fully confrontational student politics at NYU. The preeminent student organizations were CEWV and the Voice Party, the latter group heavily influence by both the International Socialist party and the Free Speech Movement at Berkeley. These organizations began to target the university’s links with the military, as manifested in defense department contracts, on-campus recruitment by war-related industry, cooperation with the Selective Service, and ROTC programs.

  • 2 Day Sit-in at University Bookstore - A 2 day sit-in is organized by the Ad Hoc Committee to protest high prices at the University Bookstore. City police are called in to disperse the students.
Bookstore Protest
  • Black Panther Party Marches on CA State Legislature - A band of heavily armed black men calling themselves the "Black Panther Party for Self-Defense" march on the California state legislature to protest gun control bills and to warn that they would resist Oakland police by any available means.
  • "End the War" Demonstrations in NY & San Francisco - Anti-war protests are held simultaneously in New York and San Francisco. The New York event, sponsored by the Fifth Ave. Parade Committee and the Student Mobilization Committee, draws some 200,000 people, including several hundred NYU students.
End-the-War Protest
  • NYU CORE Disbands - The NYU Congress of Racial Equality dissolves, its leadership announcing that whites should no longer lead blacks in the struggle for racial equality.
  • The Beatles Sergeant Pepper’s album is released
Draft Resistance
  • March on Washington - Thousands of people travel to Washington to march on the Pentagon. At NYU, the Voice Party spends $2,000 in student government funds to send over 1,000 NYU students by bus to Washington, D.C.
March on Washington
  • Air Force Recruitment Indefinitely Postponed - After a confrontation at Brooklyn College between students and armed forces recruiters which necessitates police intervention, NYU administration "indefinitely postpones" recruitment visits by the Air Force to avoid confrontation with anti-war student groups.
  • More Recruitment Visits Canceled - The CIA and Navy cancel recruitment visits to NYU in anticipation of hostile student reaction.
  • Dow Protest - In November, more than 125 students occupy the University Placement Services Office, forcing Dow Chemical, the producers of napalm, to call off schedules interviews.
Dow Protest
  • Drugs Take Over - "I'd rather take an acid trip than have sex any day!" proclaims a student in A Washington Square Journal article describing that sex is out and drugs are in.
  • Selective Service Director Lewis B. Hershey orders recruitment centers to draft students involved in campus protests against the war.
  • Vietnam War Rages On - By late 1967, there are nearly a half a million U.S. forces in South Vietnam. U.S. commanders still ask for more.
U.S. Soldier

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