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A coalition of civil rights and anti-war groups called the New Student Union (NSU) led the first campus-centered political action in January 1966. They protested a proposed tuition hike, opposing not only the higher costs of their education but the absence of a student voice in determining such university policies. While losing this first skirmish with the NYU administration, NSU successfully organized an alternative program of radical courses called the Student University of NYU in which eight to ten faculty members taught courses on Marxist economics, radical psychology, and revisionist history. NYU students also helped found the citywide Alternative University on West 14th Street. Also during this year, the Black struggle was becoming more separatist, so the white student movement shifted further in the direction of anti-war and campus questions. In the spring of 1966, students in Weinstein Hall, one of the biggest dormitories at NYU, elected a SDS member as head of their student government. This marked the first expression of the widening "student power" politics and the decline of old-style "student leader" politicos. At commencement that year, 100 students walked out during ceremonies in protest against the awarding of an honorary degree to Robert McNamara, secretary of defense.

  • NSU Leads Protest Against Proposed Tuition Hike - Responding to NYU President James M. Hesterís announcement of the Universityís first flat-rate tuition increase at the end of 1965, the National Student Union leads a campus-wide protest.
Tuition Protest
International Festival Protest
  • Anti-Draft Group Formed - An anti-draft group is formed at NYU to deal with the question of the draft and to oppose it.
  • NSU & SDS Sponsor a Forum on Birth Control
  • 134th Commencement-students walk out in protest - More than 100 students walk out of graduation ceremonies in protest against U.S. war policies and the awarding of honorary NYU degrees to Arthur Goldberg and the Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara
  • Strike Against Another Tuition Increase - A student strike is called in response to another tuition increase. This protest includes a march on Vanderbilt Hall, a boycott of classes, and sit-ins coordinated by the Ad Hoc Committee for a Democratic University.
Tuition Protest
U.S. Soldier
  • American troop strength in Vietnam reaches nearly 400,000 by yearís end

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