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NOTE: Before accessing participating in the Q Chat chat room, potential users must read and agree to the following conditions:

1. I understand that I will be asked to enter my NYU NetID and password. I understand that I am are being prompted for this information as a way for the NYU LGBTQ Student Center to insure that only members on the NYU community are accessing this site to maintain a safe environment. I also understand that my NYU NetID WILL NOT be visible to those in the chat room and that I will have an opportunity to create a screen name/alias to maintain my anonymity, if I choose.

2. In the event that I am in a crisis or at anytime feel unsafe, I understand that the Wellness Exchange is a resource I can access anytime to have someone to talk to or to use as a tool for additional resources. I acknowledge that I can reach the Wellness Exchange by calling 212-443-9999 (or dialing 3-9999 from an on campus phone).

3. While Q Chat is anonymous between student users, I understand that staff from the NYU LGBTQ Student Center and staff from Counseling Services have access to information of those users who log into the Q Chat site. I acknowledge that these staff members have the right to use information I provide (NYU NetID) to contact me if there is any indication of possible harm to myself or others.

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Technical Difficulties?

If you are experiencing technical problems, please contact the LGBTQ Student Center at 212-998-4424, or by email at:

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