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NYURoam Wireless
Access Locations

NYURoam wireless service is available at a variety of locations around Manhattan and NYU's global sites, and continues to expand on an ongoing basis. Please refer back to this page periodically for updated information.

Map of NYURoam Access Locations

View NYURoam Wireless Locations in a larger map.

NYC Access Locations

Below is a list of all current NYURoam Wireless access locations. To view a larger Google map of the locations, including theability to click a location from the list and view it on the map, click here.

  • @ the Square
    80 Washington Square East
    1st floor (entire)
  • 1-3 Washington Square North (SSW)
    Entire building
  • 4 Washington Square North
    Entire building
  • 5 Washington Place
    1st-6th floors (entire)
  • 5 Washington Square North
    Entire building
  • 6 Washington Square North
    Entire building
  • 7 Washington Place
    Entire building
  • 10 Astor Place (ITS)
    4th-7th floors (entire)
  • 10 Washington Place
    Entire building
  • 14 Washington Place
    basement (majority)
  • 15 East 84th Street
    Entire building
  • 16 Waverly Place (Genomics)
    Entire building
  • 18 Waverly Place
    Entire building
  • 19 West 4th Street
    Entire building
  • 19 University Place (FAS)
    floors 1-6 (entire)
  • 19-22 Washington Square North
    Entire building
  • 20 Cooper Square
    basement, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th floors (entire)
  • 25 West 4th Street
    Entire building
  • 29 Washington Square West
    1st floor (partial)
  • 55 Fifth Avenue
    16th floor (entire)
  • 58 West 10th Street
    Entire building
  • 80 Lafayette Street Residence Hall
    Entire building
  • 110 Fifth Avenue
    4th & 5th floors (entire)
  • 111 2nd Avenue
    Entire building
  • 113 2nd Avenue
    Entire building
  • 194 Mercer Street
    2nd-8th floors (entire)
  • 240 Greene Street
    2nd-4th floors (entire)
  • 240 Mercer Residence Hall
    Entire building
  • 242 Greene Street
    NYU Computer Store
  • 244 Greene Street
    Entire building
  • 250 Park Avenue South
    6th floor (entire)
  • 285 Mercer Street
    Entire building
  • 380 Second Avenue
    3rd & 4th floors (entire)
  • 383 Lafayette Street
    Entire building
  • 411 Lafayette Street
    3rd, 4th, & 5th floor (entire)
  • 561 LaGuardia Place
    1st floor (partial)
  • 665 Broadway
    6th floor (entire), 8th floor (entire), 9th floor (entire) & 11th floor (entire)
  • 715 Broadway
    Entire building
  • 719 Broadway
    Entire building
  • 721/725 Broadway (TSOA/ITP)
    Entire building
  • 726 Broadway
    Entire building
  • 740 Broadway
    6th floor (entire)
  • 838 Broadway
    3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6th floors (entire)
  • Barney Building
    34 Stuyvesant Street
    Entire building
  • Alumni Hall
    33 3rd Avenue
    Entire building
  • Bobst Library
    Entire building
  • Brittany Residence Hall
    Entire building
  • Bronfman Center
    7 East 10th Street
    1st - 5th floors (entire)
  • Broome Street Residence
    400 Broome Street
    Entire building
  • Brown Building
    Entire building
  • Cantor Film Center
    36 E. 8th Street
    1st & 2nd floors (entire)
  • Carlyle Court
    25 Union Square W.
    Entire building
  • Casa Italiana
    24 West 12th Street
    Entire building
  • Center for Spiritual and Academic Life
    238 Thompson Street
    All NYU floors
  • Chan House (IFA)
    14 East 78th Street
    Entire building
  • Coles Sports & Recreation Center
    181 Mercer Street
    Entire building
  • Coral Towers
    129 3rd Ave
    Entire building
  • D'Agostino (Law)
    110 W. 3rd Street
    Entire building
  • Duke House (IFA)
    1 East 78th Street
    basement (partial), 2nd & 3rd floors (partial)
  • East Building
    239 Greene Street
    Entire building
  • Education Building
    35 W. 4th Street
    Entire building
  • Fairchild Building
    7 E. 12th Street
    Entire building
  • Founders Hall
    120 E. 12th Street
    Entire building
  • Furman Hall (Law)
    245 Sullivan Street
    Entire building
  • Goddard Hall
    79 Washington Square East
    Entire building
  • Gould Plaza
    West 4th Street (in front of Tisch Hall)
    Entire building
  • Gramercy Green
    316 Third Avenue
    Entire building
  • Greenwich Hotel Residence Hall
    636 Greenwich Street
    Entire building
  • Hayden Residence Hall
    33 Washington Square West
    Entire building
  • Institute of French Studies
    15 Washington Mews
    basement, 1st & 2nd floors (entire)
  • Ireland House
    One Washington Mews
    Entire building
  • Kevorkian Center
    50 Washington Square South
    Entire building
  • Kimball Hall
    246 Greene Street/22 Waverly Place
    Entire building
  • Kimmel Center for University Life
    60 Washington Sq. S.
    Entire building, including Skirball Center for the Performing Arts
  • King Juan Carlos Center
    53 Washington Square South
    Entire building
  • Meyer Hall
    4 Washington Place
    Entire building
  • Midtown Center (SCPS)
    11 West 42nd Street
    4th floor (entire), 5th floor (entire) & 10th floor (entire)
  • NYU Open House
    530 LaGuardia Place
    1st floor (entire)
  • One-Half Fifth Avenue
  • 1st floor (entire)
  • Palladium Residence Hall
    140 East 14th Street
    Entire building, including gymnasium
  • Pless Annex
    82 Washington Square East
    Entire building
  • Pless Building
    82 Washington Square East
    Entire building
  • Puck Building
    295 Lafayette Street
    2nd, 3rd & 4th floors (entire)
  • Rubin Hall
    35 Fifth Avenue
    Entire building
  • Rufus Smith Hall
    25 Waverly Place
    Entire building
  • Schwartz Hall (College of Dentistry)
    Entire building
  • Second Street Residence Hall
    Entire building
  • Seventh Street Residence Hall
    Entire building
  • Silver Center
    100 Washington Square East
    Sub basement & basement (entire), 1st floor (partial), 2nd-6th floors (entire), 8th-10th floors (entire)
  • Third Avenue North
    75 Third Avenue
    Entire building
  • Tisch Hall
    40 West 4th Street, Lower Concourse [LC] general purpose classrooms only (entire);
    Upper Concourse [UC], large classroom (UC50) only
  • University Hall
    110 East 14th Street
    Entire building
  • VA Medical Center (NYU Dental facilities)
    423 E 23rd Street
    2nd & 16th floors (entire)
  • Vanderbilt Hall
    40 Washington Square South
    Entire building
  • Warren Weaver Hall
    251 Mercer Street
    Entire building
  • Waverly Building
    24 Waverly Place
    Entire building
  • Weinstein Hall
    5-11 University Place
    Entire building
  • Weissman Clinical Science Building (College of Dentistry)
    345 East 24th Street
    Entire building
  • Woolworth Building
    15 Barclay Street
    2nd, 3rd & 4th floor (entire)

NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering

  • 2 Metrotech Center
    2 Metrotech Center
    9th & 10th floors
  • 15 Metrotech Center
    15 Metrotech Center
    6th floor
  • Bern Dibner Library of Science and Technology
    5 Metrotech Center
    Entire building
  • Jacobs Academic Building
    Jay Street
    Entire building
  • Othmer Residence Hall
    101 Johnson St
    Entire building
  • Rogers Hall
    6 Metrotech Center
    Entire building

NYU Abu Dhabi Access Locations

  • Downtown Campus
    Entire building
  • CSE Labs
    Majority coverage
  • Sama Towers
    All Residence Hall rooms
    All general purpose areas

NYU in Berlin Access Locations

  • Residence Hall
    Entire building
  • Academic Center
    Entire building

NYU in Florence Access Locations

  • Villa Colletta
    Entire building
  • Villa La Pietra
    Ground Floor (partial)
    Second Floor (partial)
    Third Floor (majority)
    Fourth Floor (partial)
  • Villa Natalia
    Entire building
  • Villa Sassetti
    Ground Floor (majority)
    Second Floor (majority)
  • Villa Ulivi
    Ground Floor (majority)
    Second Floor (majority)
    Third Floor (majority)
    Outside surrounding area

NYU in London Access Locations

  • 4-5-6 Bedford Square
    Entire building
  • Guilford Street Residence Hall
    Entire building
  • Byron Court Residence Hall
    Entire building

NYU in Prague Access Locations

  • Male namesti 2
    The Blue Building
  • Male namesti 11
    Richtruv dum

NYU in Shanghai Access Locations

  • Dorm 2, Tower A
    3rd & 4th floors (entire)
  • Dorm 2, Tower C
    1st - 5th floors (entire)
  • Geography building
    1st - 3rd floors (entire)
  • Physics building
    4th floor (west wing)
  • Science building
    3rd floor (A wing)

NYU in Sydney Access Locations

  • Science Building
    Entire building

NYU in Tel Aviv Access Locations

  • Residence Hall
    Building A, 36 Bnei Dan Street

NYU in Washington, DC Access Locations

  • 1307 L Street
    Entire building

Important Notes

  • See the NYURoam Wireless page for more information about access eligibility and hardware requirements.
  • Because the wireless network uses radio waves, which can not be contained by building walls, there may be a few areas of "overflow" where you can access wireless even though the location does not appear on this page. These areas are not officially supported, and any troubles you may encounter while accessing the network in these areas should not be reported. We recommend that you use the wireless network only in the supported locations listed on this page.
  • Coverage areas listed on this page as "entire" indicate that coverage is available in publicly accessible areas where seating is provided.
  • Physical access to some NYU buildings or areas within buildings is restricted (e.g., residence hall lounges), and NYURoam access points at those locations are therefore only available to authorized people (details vary by location). Please see the map and key above, or check with your department or a specific facility for more information.

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