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Authorization Codes and Long Distance Calling

To place long distance calls, an authorization code is necessary. See Requesting a new long distance authorization code for more information.

Long Distance Calling Guidelines

Please see Long distance authorization codes and calling guidelines for more information.

Long Distance Authorization Code FAQs

I am a new employee. How do I request a new Long Distance Code?
Please see Requesting a new long distance authorization code for instructions.

How can I check the status of a recent Authorization Code request?
Contact ITS at 1-212-998-3333 and select option 2. Please have your request number and the name of the person you are inquiring about on hand.

I'm transferring from one department to another. Can I take my authorization code with me and just change the account?
Yes, though it is not recommended. Please see Transferring a long distance authorization code to another department for more information.

I have forgotten/lost my authorization code. What do I do?
Please see Lost or forgotten long distance authorization codes for instructions.

My authorization code will not let me make long distance calls/faxes.
Long distance calls cannot be completed due to the following: a) a misdialed or invalid number, b) an inactive authorization code, or c) your authorization code has a restricted calling area. Have your code and the number you are trying to dial ready and contact ITS at 1-212-998-3333 and select option 2 for assistance.

How can I check/change the calling area/FAME chartfield of an existing authorization code?
The ITS Communications Request Form must be used to make any changes on authorization code accounts. All changes must be approved with a signature by a budget officer.

I'm replacing a former employee and have "inherited" his/her authorization code. Can I just change the name on that code?
No, authorization codes are confidential and are meant for individual use only. Authorization codes assigned to former employees should be cancelled. A new authorization code should be requested for a new employee using the ITS Communications Request Form.

One of our employees is leaving the University and I need to cancel his/her code. What's the procedure?
Please see Cancelling a long distance authorization code for instructions.

I see a lot of calls on my telephone bill that I did not make. What do I do?
Please see Reporting unauthorized calls on a telephone bill for instructions.

I'm currently the budget officer receiving the monthly Equipment/Long Distance Billing Statements, and I am leaving my position. How do I go about changing the contact information so that my successor can receive the bills?
Your supervisor should contact ITS at 1-212-998-3333 and select option 2. A representative will update the contact information.

How do I dial within the United States/overseas?
Please see General dialing instructions for instructions for making long distance calls.

Page last reviewed: October 10, 2012