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Avaya Phones: Basic Features

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Below are some basic features of all NYU telephones. For detailed operating instructions for the features of your NYU telephone, see the Advanced Functions page.

Distinctive Rings

  • One ring: Signals a call from within the University.
  • Two rings: Signals a call from outside the University.
  • Three rings: Three short, quick rings indicate a Consult call. (See Send Calls in the Single Line Telephones section for an explanation of how to answer this type of call.)
  • One long ring: One long tone indicates that you are receiving an intercom call.

Distinctive Tones

  • Authorization Code Prompt: Three beeps followed by a dial tone is the prompt to dial your authorization code. This prompt is heard after dialing a long distance number.
  • Confirmation Tone: Three short tones indicate a feature has been activated or cancelled.
  • Error Tone: An alternating high and low tone indicates a dialing error or a denial of service request.
  • Coverage Tone: A single, short, steady tone heard when you have placed a call to another extension indicates that the call you are making is going to coverage.
  • Call Waiting Tone: Available on single-line phones only, a beep heard while on a call indicates that a second party is calling you.

System Feature Codes

  • Call Forwarding: Activate *2, Deactivate #2
  • Call Pickup: #4
  • Last Number Dialed: *1
  • Send Calls: Activate *3, Deactivate #3
  • Transfer to Voice Mail: *4 (only possible if call is being transferred from a call pickup, cover line, or bridged appearance of that voice mailbox extension)

Page last reviewed: April 16, 2012