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About ITS Technology Security Services

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ITS' Technology Security Services (TSS) is a part of ITS Communications & Computing Services. It is our mission to protect NYU's computer network and the data that is transmitted over it. ITS Technology Security Services meets with NYU departments to discuss their security concerns, provides consultation on new projects, and educates university employees on how to safely and securely navigate NYU-NET. We also research new trends and industry happenings in order to protect NYU's network.

We monitor newsgroups and mailing lists for any new vulnerability that may affect NYU's network and constituency. TSS keeps abreast of these outbreaks in order to ensure that NYU users are aware of possible problems and protect themselves appropriately. TSS keeps in close contact with outside security organizations and collaborates in disseminating new information to the general community. We are constantly seeking ways to enhance our services and to educate ourselves so that we can in turn protect the NYU community. Conferences and seminars are a requirement for security employees, to enhance our skills and ability to handle new incidents.

Page last reviewed: August 19, 2008