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Advanced Networking

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  • New York University is a charter member of Internet2, and has used the network to collaborate on a variety of multi-site performances and events.

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NYU-NET: NYU's Data Network

In addition to interconnecting University facilities, the NYU data network, NYU-NET, enables a great many research and High Performance Computing (HPC) initiatives on campus, and provides campus access to external research and educational resources. NYU-NET has high speed connections to the Internet, the Internet2 network, and NYSERNet.

NYU is a founding board member of NYSERNet, a not-for-profit organization that promotes networking and computing within New York State, and is the local New York RON (Regional Optical Network service provider) for access to Research and Education networks throughout the world. NYSERNet is the host of MANLAN, a growing and significant hub of R&E communications in the northeastern U.S., and in partnership with NYSERNet, NYU has acquired direct fiber optic communications to MANLAN and has co-located network communications equipment within the facility. Through MANLAN, NYU has obtained a 1 Gbps connection to the CERN Physics Research Laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland ( and the UltraLight hybrid optical research network ( Access to the National Lambda Rail (NLR, is also made possible via MANLAN, and NYU is currently deploying DWDM (Dense Wave Division Multiplexing) optical network infrastructure which can support campus connections to NLR.

Additional NYU-NET Information

  • NYU was an early adopter of the IPv6 communications technology, and, in 2005, became the first university in the United States to provide global IPv6 connectivity to a supercomputer.
  • NYU-NET support multicast network services that enable one computer to communicate with many others simultaneously while sending only one network transmission.
  • The NYU-NET Core currently has a bandwidth-carrying capacity of 480 Gbps, or almost .5 terabits per second, capable of supporting the most demanding network applications.
  • High Performance Computing systems offered by ITS are provided high-speed Gigabit Ethernet connections in order to transfer large data sets at high rate, both within the campus network and externally via the University connections to the Internet and Internet2 networks.
  • For additional information about NYU-NET, see

Internet2: Advanced Internet Services

Internet2 is a consortium led by 206 universities, including NYU, that work in partnership with industry and government to develop and deploy advanced network applications and technologies, accelerating the creation of tomorrow's Internet. NYU was a participant in the early planning of NewNet, Internet2's next-generation hybrid optical network, which is a nationwide DWDM network that can provide private high-speed network connections on demand between capable Internet2 members. With its DWDM infrastructure deployment and presence in MANLAN, NYU is also positioned to support research activities that might require NewNet access. Interconnections with other institutions and networks, known as peerings, are similarly also possible, and can be explored as needed with research groups or departments to further University endeavors.

ITS networking and NYU Digital Studio staff are available to facilitate the use of NYU's Internet2 high-speed connection for education, collaboration, and scholarship. To request a consultation, send email to

For in-depth information about Internet2 beyond the scope of NYU, visit, the main Internet2 website.

Advanced Networking Publications

The following articles about advanced networking were written by ITS staff for Connect: Information Technology at NYU.