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  • You can use the ITS Print Service from any NYU-NET connected computer. Click the Software Setup tab for details.

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  • Click the Help & FAQs tab for tips and answers to commonly asked questons.

Step 2. Swipe & Print

ITS Print Service provides an easy-to-use two-step process for printing your documents at the ITS Academic Technology Centers & CoLabs. First, you tag your document and send it to your ITS Print Service virtual queue, using any Windows or Macintosh computer at any of these ITS locations. Then, at some time within the following 24 hours, you go to any ITS Print Station – again at any ITS Academic Technology Center or CoLab; swipe your NYUCard (or, optionally, a Bobst Library Print Card); and print your document on the adjacent printer. This page provides detailed instructions on the Swipe & Print step of the process.

  1. Touch the Print Station’s screen to wake it up.
  2. Swipe the card you associated with the document in Step 1 (Tag & Send):
  3. swipe
    • Swipe your NYUCard if you entered your NetID in Step 1.
    • Swipe your Bobst Library Print Card if you entered that card’s ID# in Step 1.
  4. The screen will list all the documents that are waiting to be printed in the ITS Print Service queue associated with the card you swiped:
  5. waiting
    1. Touch (to highlight) the document you wish to print.
    2. Note the number of pages and the amount needed to print the document you’ve selected, and the total balance associated with the card you swiped.
      • To view balance details (ITS Print Grant and/or Campus Cash), click Balances.
      • To log off without printing, touch Exit.
    3. Touch Print.
      • Or to print all the documents in your queue, touch Print All.
    • If you swiped your NYUCard and the amount needed is more than the available balance in your ITS Print Grant, the remaining amount will be automatically deducted from your NYUCard’s Campus Cash balance.
    • If the amount needed is more than your total balance, you will not be able to print until you add Campus Cash to the associated card: Touch Exit to log out, and see for details.
  6. Touch Exit to log out securely before leaving the Print Station. Your document will be printed on the adjacent printer.
    • Your unprinted documents will remain in your print queue for 24 hours after you tagged and sent them.


Page last reviewed: May 19, 2011