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Podcasting and Communication Services at NYU

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Podcasting at NYU

The Digital Studio is available for faculty members interested in making podcasts for use in the classroom or for research. When you publish a podcast, others can "subscribe" to whatever original content you choose to deliver: audio, video, PDFs and more. When you update your podcast with new content on a regular basis, your audience will automatically receive this content and can view or listen to it on their computers or mobile devices.

For the latest information about podcasting resources at NYU, including more information for faculty, staff, and students about creating them, and for access to existing NYU podcasts, visit, and check back to the site regularly for new subscription options and additional information.

Other Communications Options

Broadband Cable

A broadband cable distribution system is available for use on campus and can reach over 250 classrooms and 100 conference rooms and offices. Right now you can receive NYU-TV on channels 50 and 51, C-SPAN 1 and 2 on channels 48 and 49, and SCOLA on channel 52. The broadband system can be used in conjunction with other programming and technology resources on campus to distribute video conferences, live events or specific programming. For further information on programming, contact the Television Center at 1-212-998-5168. For locations and information on new broadband jacks, contact ITS at 1-212-998-3333.


ITS offers teleconferencing services to NYU faculty, staff, and administrators. If you wish to schedule a teleconference, use our online request form.


For more information about Internet2, see the Advanced Networking section of this website.

Page last reviewed: January 18, 2013