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Connect to NYU-NET from Off Campus

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VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a type of network that provides individuals who are accessing their organization's network remotely, via the Internet, with a more secure connection. By installing and using a VPN client when connecting to NYU resources via the Internet, you can ensure that your NYU-NET connection is as secure as it is when you are connected directly to NYU-NET through your office network. VPN is required to access some secure NYU services from outside NYU-NET, such as from your home connection.

Click here or the tab above for information about NYU VPN, including instructions on how to download, install and use it.

NYU-NET Proxy Access

Most NYU services that require secure connections from off campus now use VPN (described above). However, a few NYU services may require you to use NYU-NET Proxy to authenticate yourself as an NYU community member.

Click here or the tab above for information about NYU-NET Proxy, including browser configuration instructions.

Page last reviewed: July 1, 2015