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July 2014

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July 31, 2014

New on Connect: Student Groups & Data Access

A new article has been posted to Connect: Information Technology:

"As a result of the rise of smartphones, tablets, WiFi connectivity, and other advances in mobile computing and communication, the field of mobile web applications has become one of huge growth and interest. For NYU's student developers, however, writing code is not always the most challenging part; it is getting access to the large amount of data that a successful app requires."

Read the full article here.

July 23, 2014

New on Connect: Technology Services at Abu Dhabi

A new article has been posted to Connect: Information Technology:

"NYU Abu Dhabi Technology Services"

"The NYU Abu Dhabi Academic Technology team, based within the NYU Abu Dhabi Library, supports the teaching, learning, and research needs of students and faculty. Some of the services that we support include: NYU Classes; software licensing across campus; specialized printing; digitization; data services; lecture capture; live streaming; and faculty teaching technology support. We also partner with faculty on digital humanities projects that will be supported out of the new Center for Digital Scholarship within the library at the Saadiyat campus. Our mission is to provide a seamless technology experience to our students and faculty as they move between Abu Dhabi and New York."

Read the full article here.

July 01, 2014

New on Connect: NYU Classes Enhancements

A new article has been posted to Connect: Information Technology:

"We're Listening! Community Feedback Drives Enhancements to NYU Classes"

"One of the benefits of NYU Classes being built on Sakai, an open source platform, is the flexibility afforded in continually upgrading and enhancing the service. Since the University-wide launch of NYU Classes, the NYU Classes team has continued to develop the service, incorporating user feedback and deploying several enhancements over the course of the previous six months."

Read the full article here.