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"NYU Email | Update"

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There are new reports about a sophisticated phishing message that purports to come from "IT Service Desk" or The phishing message claims "NYU's web mail and Calendar Service have been updated," and instructs the recipient to click on a web link "for information and instructions on how to access your email." An adjacent URL takes victims to a malicious website that requests, amongst other things, the NetID and password. This message is a forgery and should be deleted immediately.

NYU community members should NEVER REPLY TO OR CLICK ANY URL in an email that requests the recipient's e-mail login name and password.

As a reminder of better security practices, always remember that:

  • No NYU community member will ever ask for your account password, especially not over e-mail.
  • Do not reply back to e-mails from unidentified, untrusted sources.
  • Messages that request personal information over plaintext email should be regarded as being suspicious. If you are unsure about the legitimacy of a message, contact the IT Service Desk at or 212-998-3333.
  • Forward all phishing messages to This helps train our e-mail filters to block such messages in the future.
  • If a message informs you of an impending "account closure" unless you comply with its demands, it is often a sign that the message is a phishing scam. Do not comply with its requests.

The following sites also provide several useful tips on defending against these types of phishing attacks:

Example of phishing e-mail


Phishing e-mail Web Page (Notice the Free Web Hosting Advert on the Bottom Left)

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