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July 2012

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July 26, 2012

Fake NYU Financial Aid "$1000 Visa Gift Card" Scam

There are new reports about a sophisticated phishing message that purports to come from "Nyu Office Of Financial Aid". The phishing message (see below) claims that Financial Aid has "issued [you] a $1,000 Visa Gift Card free of charge" and that you have to visit a " website to claim your card and have it shipped to the address of your choosing.". The link then takes you to a website (omitted here for security reasons) that requests your personal information. This message is a forgery and should be deleted immediately.

NYU community members should NEVER REPLY TO OR CLICK ANY URL in an email that requests the recipient's email login name, password, or other personal information.

As a reminder of better security practices, always remember that:

  • No NYU community member will ever ask for your account password, especially not over email.
  • Do not reply back to emails from unidentified, untrusted, or unexpected sources.
  • Forward all phishing messages to This helps train our email filters to block such messages in the future.
  • Messages that request personal information over plaintext email should be regarded as being suspicious. If you are unsure about the legitimacy of a message, contact the ITS Client Services Center at or 212-998-3333.
  • If a message informs you of an impending "account closure" unless you comply with its demands, it is often a sign that the message is a phishing scam. Do not comply with its requests.

The following sites also provide several useful tips on defending against these types of phishing attacks:

The following sites have also reported on this "Visa Gift Card" scam:

Example of phishing message


On behalf of Nyu Office Of Financial Aid you have been issued a $1,000 Visa Gift Card free of charge.

Card type: Visa Gift Card
Issuing branch: Manhattan, New York
Valid until: 08/2015

Please use the following website to claim your card and have it shipped to the address of your choosing:

Go to: www rXXXXXXX2 com

Note that claims must be made within 48 hours from this email being sent, or the above link will become invalid.

Sincerely, Rachel
Customer Service
Employee Benefits Center, LLC

July 24, 2012

Renovated IT Service Desk

After over a year of planning and two months of construction, the renovated IT Service Desk is open for business and better than ever. Prior to the renovation, community members in need of assistance had to call or stop by to make an appointment before they could meet with IT Service Desk staff. Now, due in part to new workspaces designed for one-on-one consultations, any community member who walks in with an IT-related issue can receive timely assistance. Learn more in Connect: IT at NYU »

July 15, 2012

Multiple NYU Services Unavailable 7/20-7/22

Please be advised that ITS will be commissioning generators at the South Data Center which will require an outage of multiple NYU services from Friday, July 20 at 8pm ET through Sunday, July 22 at noon ET. These generators are critical to providing continued systems availability to many NYU services in the event of an extended power failure at the South Data Center. For details, please visit the IT Service Status website.

July 14, 2012

Two ITS Labs closed Fri., July 20-Sun., July 22

The Fourth Street Academic Technology Center and Third Avenue CoLab will close on Friday, July 20, at 3:30pm ET due to ITS scheduled maintenance. They will reopen on Monday, following the summer schedule (see

In addition, the Virtual Computer Lab (VCL) and ITS Print Service will be unavailable beginning Friday, July 20, 8pm ET until Sunday, July 22, 12pm ET along with a variety of other ITS-supported services. Please see the IT Service Status page for additional information.