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May 2011

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May 31, 2011

Files 1.0 Service Retirement

The Files 1.0 service is currently in the process of being retired. Over the next several days, ITS will be moving files from Files 1.0 to Files 2.0. Transferred files will be stored in your account on Files 2.0. If the same file exists on Files 2.0, the transferred file will be appended with a unique name.

To access your transferred files, simply log into Files 2.0 with your NetID and password at, or via the Files 2.0 channel in the NYUHome Files tab. (Note that it may take up to a week for all files to be transferred. You may experience an error if you attempt to open a file that is still in the process of being migrated; if so, wait one hour and try again.)

Web pages and sites previously located at will be automatically be forwarded to (where NetID is your NYU NetID in lower case). Although these redirects will work for the foreseeable future, we do encourage you to update any links to your pages and site you may have published or otherwise distributed.

For more information on the Files 1.0 retirement, please visit the Ask ITS knowledgebase.

May 13, 2011

Print Service Upgrade: Download New Software May 20

The ITS Print Service, which allows you to send documents over the NYU network to printers at ITS locations around campus, is being upgraded on Friday, May 20th. On that day, we will post new software that must be downloaded and installed in order to continue using the ITS Print Service.

For instructions, visit the ITS Print Service Software Setup page anytime on or after May 20th. (Note that the new software will not be available for download until that day; you should continue using the current software until then).

May 05, 2011

Fake "NYU Google" spam detector and upgrade email

There are new reports about a sophisticated phishing message that purports to come from "WEBMASTER" or "NYU WEBMASTER". The phishing message claims that NYU has "decide[d] to upgrade our NYU.EDU database to guard and attack against spam database" and that "you are expected to CLICK HERE and fill in the account verification form as required and we shall upgrade your account.". The link then takes you to a Google doc that requests, amongst other things, your current email address, NetID and NYU password. This message is a forgery and should be deleted immediately.

NYU community members should NEVER REPLY TO OR CLICK ANY URL in an email that requests the recipient's email login name and password. Instead, forward phishing messages as an attachment to our email filtering account Doing so trains our email filters to prevent such types of spam from arriving into inboxes.

Please note: It is very important to forward the message as an attachment, otherwise our email filters will not be able to parse through the message correctly.

As a reminder of better security practices, always remember that:

  • No NYU community member will ever ask for your account password, especially not over email.
  • Do not reply back to emails from unidentified, untrusted sources.
  • Forward all phishing messages as an attachment to This helps train our email filters to block such messages in the future.
  • Messages that request personal information over plaintext email should be regarded as being suspicious. If it is spam, forward it to If you are unsure about the legitimacy of a message, contact the ITS Client Services Center at or 212-998-3333.
  • If a message informs you of an impending "account closure" unless you comply with its demands, it is often a sign that the message is a phishing scam. Do not comply with its requests.

The following sites also provide several useful tips on defending against these types of phishing attacks:

Example Phishing Message

Dear Account User,

Due to the high rate of spam and unsoliticited bulk emails, our users
received daily on our google account database, we have decide to upgrade our
NYU.EDU database to guard and attack against spam
database. We have equiped our database to high spam detector and we would be
performing high quarantine services regularly on all accounts, you are
expected to CLICK
HERE [link redacted] and
fill in the account verification form as required and we shall upgrade
your account.

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation,