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Protecting Yourself from Phishing Scams & Viruses

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A new spate of phishing messages purporting to be from the 'upgradingteam09', 'NYU web_mail Team', 'ACCOUNT Team NYU MAIL ACCOUT' and the like have been reported recently at NYU. The message requests that the recipient send their password and other personal information to an email account to avoid the shutdown of their NYU email account. In many of these cases, the reply-to email address ends in Please be aware that ITS will never ask any NYU member for their password, and you should never reply to fraudulent phishing emails. Instead, forward the message as an attachment to , ITS' email filtering account. For further information, please see

Viruses that spread by infecting the "autorun" sector of removable flash drives are another increasingly common threat. The default on Windows PC's is to autorun data on removable drives. As a result, an infected flash drive can immediately infect a PC upon insertion into its USB or Firewire ports

To better protect yourself, update your antivirus and antispyware software with the latest definitions, avoid using your personal flash drive on any public computers, and do not use untrusted, un-scanned, shared flash drives in your computers. For more information on disabling autorun in Windows, visit: