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BBB Better Business Bureau Phishing Scam Email

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We have received several reports from NYU members of a suspicious email purporting to come from the BBB, i.e. the Better Business Bureau, which indicates to click on a link and to provide personal information. The sender may appear to come from,, or some other address ending with "". The link points to a site that pretends to be a legitimate BBB website, such as:

http:// w w w . n a t i o n a l - b b b . o r g

That message is a scam and should be ignored. Do not click on any link in the message and do not reply to it.

Simply forward the message to the following addresses and then delete it:

  • (sending spam to this email address will help our email gateways filter it out in the future)
  • (this is a branch of the FTC that tracks these types of phishing scams)

As always, never open emails from unexpected sources & never click on links inside emails asking you to provide personal information or asking you to download software to your computer. Always be skeptical when you receive messages asking you to provide personal information.

When in doubt, feel free to contact NYU ITS's Technology Security Group for more information. We can be reached at