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Malicious Emails Referencing Current Events

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Recently, a number of people received an email message that referred to the recent lunar eclipse and included a link purporting to show a video of a lunar eclipse. Clicking on the link resulted in delivery of harmful software to the person's computer.

Those who send malicious emails may use current events (such as the lunar eclipse, holidays, or the 2008 President Election) to entice you to visit a website, click on a link, open an attachment, or perform other actions that may download harmful software to your computer. Commercial antivirus products are not always able to immediately detect this malware.

ITS reminds you to never click on a link you receive in an email unless you are sure of where the link leads, and never open an email attachment unless you know the sender and are sure the message comes from him or her. If an email from a known email address is unexpected or seems suspicious, contact the sender to verify the validity of the message.