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"NYU FCU" Phishing Scam - Alert!

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A bogus, "phishing" email message purporting to be from the NYU F.C.U. (NYU Credit Union) is being sent to NYU community members. "Phishing" is a malicious use of email by an outside group pretending to represent an official organization (often a bank or credit card company) in an attempt to obtain important personal and financial data.

If you happen to receive this phishing message, forward it to and then delete it. Do not respond to it, click on any links in the body of the message or provide any requested financial information. You should also notify your NYU colleagues of this phishing scam.

The following are tell-tale signs that this was a phishing scam:

  • New York University Federal Credit Union will never ask members to call any number or visit any website for security reasons. Anyone who receives an e-mail that purports to be from New York University Federal Credit Union and asks for any information or action by the member should consider it to be a fraudulent attempt to obtain their personal account data for an illegal purpose and should not follow the instructions in the e-mail.
  • The link in the message does not point to the domain the message supposedly came from, or any legitimate domain associated with the NYU Federal Credit Union.

If you or another NYU member may have clicked on the link and provided personal information, contact TSS immediately at Alternatively, you may contact ITS Client Services at 212-998-3333.

If you believe your financial information may have been compromised as a result of this phishing attack, you can also contact the NYU Federal Credit Union at:

* * *

Text of Bogus NYU F.C.U. Phishing Email Follows here:

Dear NYU F.C.U. Customer,

Due to our last days online problems, many phishing attempts and identity-theft, we need to verify our members accounts information. This security method is intended to help you protect yourself and your accounts from internet fraud.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by our online servers, but we require you to update your profile as soon as possible by clicking on the following link:

Click here to activate your account

By completing our online form your are in accordance with our Terms of Agreement and your online access will be continued as normal. Thank you for taking your time!

Please do not reply to this notification email as it will not be reviewed. Copyright NYU F.C.U., 2007