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September 2007

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September 19, 2007

Storm Worm Impacts NYU Email

Over the past two weeks, the primary NYU email gateways have been beset by an unprecedented amount of spam resulting from a malicious program called the Storm worm. As a result, you may be receiving an error message like "remote host not responding" or experiencing delays in the sending or receipt of mail.

The Storm Worm has been disrupting email operations at colleges and universities, corporations, commercial Internet service providers and elsewhere for months. It is used to swamp mail gateways with spam, rendering the services unable to perform normally.,

ITS is taking steps to mitigate the problem, but intermittent delays may continue to happen for awhile, usually lasting less than a minute. If you do get an error message like the one above, please wait a few moments and try again. Please keep in mind that no mail is being lost, it is simply delayed until it can be properly sent and received.

Thank you for your cooperation. For additional information on the Storm Worm, please see the articles at and . And for assistance, please contact ITS Client Services. You can reach us via Ask ITS (, email ( or phone (212-998-3333).