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About the Apple iPhone

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ITS is in the process of evaluating the recently introduced Apple iPhone, a widely publicized mobile PDA device which uses the AT&T network for voice and data services.

You should be aware that Apple & AT&T's initial release of iPhone service is aimed at personal use, rather than at seamless, reliable, standards-based integration with services that may be provided by institutions like ours, including NYURoam, NYU Email, Meeting Maker and so forth. AT&T does not yet offer corporate or institutional account management for iPhone service.

Although iPhone may be a great choice for your personal purpose, iPhone unfortunately does not yet qualify for inclusion among NYU-supported mobile PDA devices. We are not yet able to migrate service or phone numbers to iPhones from other NYU-sponsored or personal cell phones or PDA devices, or to provide University coverage of ongoing iPhone service fees.

We hope future releases of iPhone will better accommodate integration with organization-provided services such as ours. We will continue to monitor changes to the iPhone and its capabilities and to seek effective ways to integrate it with NYU services.

For more information about mobile PDAs at NYU, please visit the ITS Website at

If you are interested in learning more about our evaluation, or have comments, please email your questions and feedback to You can also contact us via the Ask ITS area in NYUHome or by calling ITS Client Services at 212-998-3333.

We will continue to update the NYU Community as more information becomes available.