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Google Desktop Security

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Google Desktop is a desktop search application designed to simplify your access to information on your computer and the Internet. Among other features, this program automatically indexes and allows you to search the full text of virtually all your files.

As is the case with nearly every computer program, if Google Desktop is not properly maintained and updated, it could potentially allow attackers to compromise your computer and/or access your local files. Google Desktop does provide automatic updates as vulnerabilities are discovered, but if you handle or store sensitive University data on your computer, you should consider avoiding and/or uninstalling this program.

If you continue using Google Desktop, ITS strongly recommends that you do the following (click each link for instructions on the Google website):

Editor's note: Support for Google Desktop has been discontinued since the publication of this news item, and broken links have been removed. See for more information.

If you use a third-party desktop search program besides Google Desktop, ITS encourages you to review the program's supporting documentation to see what you can do to help secure the program and your data.

If you have questions about data security, contact ITS Technology Security Services at