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Beware "Hit Man" Scam Email

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There have been several reports of NYU members receiving suspicious email stating that a supposed "hit man", i.e. assassin, was being paid by a 3rd-party to 'terminate' the email recipient. The message also states that the assassin wishes to bargain with the victim by asking for monetary compensation to avoid being killed. Moreover, it goes on to instruct the recipient not contact any law enforcement agency, lest they wish for the issue to escalate

This latest phishing scam seeks to scare individuals into complying with the sender's demands. However, this is a "hollow threat" scam that preys on the fears of others.

This scam has been reported on several websites and even appeared on CNN as recently as June 18th.

CNN Report

The FBI and other law enforcement agencies are currently aware of this latest scam and are actively investigating it. You can read more about it here:

The FBI points out that "replying to the e-mails just sends a signal to senders that they've reached a live account. It also escalates the intimidation".

If you should receive that scam message, DO NOT reply to it. Simply forward it to the following addressess:

If you are receiving threatening or harassing emails, immediately forward the message(s) to the Technology Security Services at Be sure to include the headers of the email so that we may effectively resolve your request in a timely manner. If you feel that you are in physical danger, you should also call the NYU Office of Public Safety's emergency number: 1-212-998-2222 (8-2222 if dialing from an on-campus telephone).