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NYU Homepages Now Indexed by Search Engines

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In response to numerous faculty and student requests, ITS has enabled indexing by outside search engines of the contents of all the personal websites posted at

If you have an NYU Homepages website, this means that people around the world can now find the contents of that site in searches they may do with Google or other search engines. While this is generally a desirable feature, you should be aware that people may be directed to contents on the site that are out of date or that you'd prefer to keep private. Please review what's on the site and make whatever content adjustments are appropriate.

If you do not want the contents of the site to appear in search engine results, you can block the indexing of the entire site or of a particular directory. Go to to find out how.

If you do not yet have a website in Homepages, but would like to set one up, see the instructions at