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Internet Explorer 7 Update

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In November 2006, Microsoft released Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), which includes several important security features and updates. The browser is designed to protect against unauthorized ActiveX scripting and phishing scams, and provides a new menu bar to manage add-on web browser applications.

ITS initially recommended that the NYU community continue to use IE6 while we evaluated the browser's compatibility with NYU services. Our tests have not yet shown significant incompatibility with our major administrative systems or the NYU network, so you may now install IE7 and take advantage of the security features and updates it offers. As is always the case, please proceed with care prior to upgrading software on your computer by backing up important data. We will continue to monitor our systems and test IE7 for potential impact, and welcome your feedback with any problems you might encounter: 212-998-3333. For more information about IE7, visit the Microsoft website at .